Traveling to Jupiter and Back 

By Brittany Whitworth  

The Roads to Adoption 

Each adoption story is unique. No two mimic one another. Some adoptions happen with ease while others involve long periods of waiting and hardships. One thing I know for certain is this—God’s fingerprints are left on every child and every adoption journey. For our family, God carved out two vastly different adoption paths, one short and smooth and the other long and bumpy, yet both led to the same destination—the joining of hands with our two beautiful children.  

A Fast and Smooth Journey 

When my husband and I adopted our first daughter, Libby, the journey to bring her home felt like a swift breeze. We were approved for adoption in early May and matched with Libby’s birth mom only ten days later. Our minds swirled with plans to welcome home our daughter in a short time period. We dashed with preparations. We celebrated with friends and family. We picked out her nursery colors. We hung newborn outfits in her closet. Just three months later, Libby was born. We held her close and praised God for His providence. As she slept soundly in her crib, my husband and I marveled at the quick and beautiful journey to bring her home. 

Waiting for Another Child 

With the ease of adoption in the back of our minds, my husband and I decided to begin the process to adopt again one year after Libby came home. We didn’t expect the upcoming journey to be so different from our previous one. After we were approved, a year went by without being matched with a birth mom. Our thoughts begin to waver on whether or not to forge ahead with adoption. After much prayer, my husband and I decided to continue the process and hoped for the best.  A second year went by without being matched with a birth mom.  I was reeling with doubt.  As we prepared to renew our application, my husband and I huddled in prayer and lengthy conversations, wondering if we were meant to be a family of three or four.  Unsure of the answer, we renewed our application and updated our home study. The years of waiting felt completely foreign and I wondered, Why arent we being chosen?   

God At Work 

As we waited, God was working through our dear friend and “Colorado grandmother,” Witzie. After bringing Libby home, Witzie had showered our daughter with love and shared pictures and stories with her childhood friend, Marqua, who lived in Florida. Through Witzie, Marqua learned that my husband and I were waiting and praying for another addition to our family. Marqua discovered a small adoption agency in Florida who had recently posted on Facebook about a need for two adoptive families. Marqua contacted Witzie, who contacted us and we decided to contact the agency. Its worth a try, I thought.  

The very next day, we received a phone call from the agency. We’d been matched with a birth mom living in Florida who also shared my first name. Because the agency was located out-of-state, we needed to come up with additional fees of $39,500 in just a short amount of time. I tried not to panic as I put my faith in God to provide the amount we needed.  

Our friends jumped in and began fundraising.  A Go Fund Me account was set up for people to donate. Other fundraisers included a friend who sold bags and donated the profits, a March Madness bracket, raffles, and even Witzie’s mom, Granny B, who at 92 years of age knitted beautiful scarves to sell. My husband also raised money by aerating lawns for one day. We stood in amazement when we realized we had received nearly the exact amount needed through donations and fundraisers. Through the kindness and generosity of others, I learned that numbers aren’t a giant block in the road, but only an obstacle that God can remove when we put our faith in Him.  

Heading to Jupiter 

We also found that God was in the midst of our travel arrangements to Florida. Before being matched, we had already planned a family trip to Disney World that happened to coincide with the due date of the expectant mom we were matched with. Since we didn’t know how long we’d need to stay in Florida for the adoption, I contacted a good friend whose aunt and uncle had a house just thirty minutes from where the expectant mom would deliver in a small town called Jupiter.  I was floored by the turn of events. Not only had we secured plane tickets, we now had a host family for as long as we needed. I was headed to a strange town to adopt a child in unknown territory, but I saw God’s hands molding and shaping the path to bring home our son. 

God is Our Unwavering Guide 

When I held our newborn, Zeke, for the first time, I praised God for his faithfulness. I snuggled with my little one and thought about the incredible journey to bring him home. While there was indeed uncertainty and hardships along the way, I learned that God is my unwavering guide. When I couldn’t see around corners or sharp turns in the adoption process, He directed my steps and removed my worries one by one.  

My husband and I held onto the following scripture throughout our adoption process: “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23 

The roads that led my husband and I to adopt our son and daughter were indeed different, but each one drew us closer to God in distinct ways. I learned to take refuge in God and allow Him to remove my fears. I learned to trust in God’s plans. I learned that His ways are perfect and He intends good for our lives. God’s blessings are endless.

Brittany is a follower of Christ, an Air Force spouse and mom of Libby (age 7) and Zeke (age 2). As founder and CEO of Love & Serve Well, Brittany is a health coach and passionate about serving and loving others well. Her other interests include adoption, racial reconciliation, jogging, swimming, yoga and reading.

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