Why join our efforts?

Believing God designed families as the best place for nurturing children to thrive and be empowered, we place and support orphaned and vulnerable children in the holistic care of biological relatives when possible and with non-relative caregivers when needed.

When a child loses one or both parents, sometimes a remaining parent or other loving relative simply needs Hope’s Promise’s assistance with education costs to care for the child. We also work to build family capacity through collaboration with community resources.

When there are no biological relatives available due to mental or terminal physical illness or death, neglect or abuse, or parents immigrating to other countries to work, we place and support orphaned children in the care of non-relative, indigenous Christian parents.

Our indigenous Country Coordinators work through local churches in collaboration with community resources to empower and equip caregivers to provide for the children’s lifelong physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Give orphaned and vulnerable children what they need most – God’s love expressed through families. Become a Hope’s Promise Family Champion!