Beth Woods
Executive Director
Rachel Bates
Director of Foster Care and Adoption
Colleen Briggs
Director of Orphan Care
Kaye Ferguson
Director of Operations
Stephanie Krug
Director of Marketing and Events
Julie Hicks
Adoption Placement Supervisor
Liz Melia
International Adoption Program Coordinator
Sarah O’Neal
Pregnancy Counselor/Caseworker
Jennifer Watson
Grand Junction Caseworker
Krystle Miller
Foster Care Placement Supervisor
Celina Baldwin
Foster Care Certification Worker
Penny Taylor
Donor Relations Coordinator
Mackensi Baughman
Connection Trip Coordinator
Kate Nichols
Office Manager
Kim Anh Nguyen
Vietnam Country Coordinator
Lydia Neshangwe
Zimbabwe Co-Country Coordinator
Paul Neshangwe
Zimbabwe Co-Country Coordinator
Nepal Co-Country Coordinator
Nepal Co-Country Coordinator
Edith Karau
Kenya Co-Country Coordinator
Bishop Jepson Karau
Kenya Co-Country Coordinator
Steve Kariithi
Kenya Program Director

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