Traditionally, child sponsorship cultivates a relationship between a child in need and a benevolent stranger in another country. However, global orphan care research reveals that when a child loses one or both parents, what they need most is God’s love expressed through a new caregiver and family. Sometimes a relationship with someone far away, especially someone who is known to support them financially, can distract a child from learning to trust and attach to their family.

So, imagine with us a new kind of “child sponsorship,” designed specifically for the needs of an orphaned child’s heart. Imagine an investment that stays behind the scenes, invisible to the child but nonetheless essential to the family’s success. Imagine a new way of supporting a child by shining the spotlight on his or her family.

Although Hope’s Promise children may never know your name, when you become a family champion, you become a catalyst for transformation in their lives. You will receive impact reports at least twice per year. You may also opt through the donation form to follow a specific family that we will designate for you. You can learn their story, pray for them by name, and receive at least one report per year about the specific family in addition to the impact reports.