Every child deserves a stable and loving family. Become a family champion, someone who upholds, advocates, supports, speaks up for orphaned and vulnerable children to receive what they need most: God’s love expressed through family.


Impact a child like Ruth. Ruth’s single mom suffers from severe lung disease and has been unable to work for several years. Hope’s Promise assists with school fees while helping Ruth’s mom connect with resources through the local church, Mathare Worship Centre.


Impact a child like Arun. Arun’s mother passed away soon after he was born, and relatives struggled to provide for him. A pastor and his wife welcomed him home to join their two biological daughters and three other adopted sons.


Impact a child like Nam. After Nam’s parents died, an aunt and uncle took him and his two older siblings in to live with their three children. But after Nam’s uncle was jailed for drug trafficking and his aunt disappeared for long periods of time, a local pastor alerted Hope’s Promise to Nam’s situation. Soon after, a loving Christian couple brought him home to raise with their two biological and three other adopted children.


Impact a child like Keith. After Keith’s father died, his mother immigrated to South Africa to work because of the 90% unemployment rate in Zimbabwe. His unemployed grandmother struggled to provide food and pay school fees. Now Keith attends school through Hope’s Promise’s intervention, and his grandmother accesses community development resources on the farm where they live.


The reasons children become orphaned vary around the world from death of parents, separation due to political conflict or environmental factors, to parents immigrating to other countries to work. But no matter the cause, what they need most is to experience God’s love through family.