It’s time to make the Adoption Tax Credit refundable

We have good news from our friends at the National Council for Adoption! A bipartisan group of Senators and House Representatives have come together to re-introduce the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act, which would provide critical financial resources to families who are willing to open their hearts and their homes to a child in need. 

This bill would ensure many more families are eligible for the tax credit, including lower-income families; and, allow all families to receive all the credit that they are eligible for, in full, so they have the resources they need to meet their child’s needs, and help their family thrive.

How to support this bill in five minutes or less:

Use our quick and easy advocacy tool to directly contact your members of Congress and ask them to sponsor the bill, and support its inclusion in any year-end tax legislation. We’ve already created the messages for you and the system will automatically match you to your Senators and House Rep.

That’s it, you’re done! Thank you for speaking up on behalf of children and adoptive families. Your voice matters.

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