Our Domestic Adoption program serves families who wish to adopt a child who has been born in the United States. We work with families who want to be matched through Hope’s Promise as well as families who have already been chosen by an expectant parent.

We work with both adoptive families and expectant parents to determine what type of adoption relationship they desire (fully open, semi open, or closed). These preferences are taken into consideration as we match adoptive families with expectant parents. As a Christian child-focused agency, Hope’s Promise seeks to serve the best interest of the child.

Watch Chanda and Brian’s story of open adoption. 

Domestic (agency matched) Criteria*

  • Ages 21 to 50
  • Married couples who have been married at least two years
  • No more than two children in the home
  • At least one year history of infertility

*Additional state requirements also apply

In order to keep our waiting pool to a reasonable size, applicants are at times placed on a waiting list. Please contact us for more information or to find out about our current wait times.

Domestic Designated (already matched) Criteria*

  • Ages 21 and up
  • No family size or infertility requirements
  • If married, couples who have been married at least two years

*Additional state requirements also apply

Serving Denver, Castle Rock, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Surrounding Areas