Laban lived in Mathare Valley slum with his mother, aunt, brother and twin brother, Michael. Laban’s family is all HIV+ except for him and his twin. His single mother 

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had no source of income. Laban and Michael arrived at Sanctuary of Hope in 2008 when he was almost four years old. Even back then, Laban was a joyful and obedient child who loved playing soccer and using his imagination. Today Laban is the spiritual leader among his siblings. He spends hours pouring over Scripture and even discipling his brothers and sisters. He has a deep joy that can only ever come from his Heavenly Father. Laban continues to be very playful and loves to play soccer and ride his bike. He is a natural leader and will sometimes organize activities for he and his siblings to do together! With his faith and natural leader abilities, Laban has a bright future ahead. Join us in helping this young man one day become a leader in his community.