Hope’s Promise 2017 Year-End Appeal

One little boy, Mark, was abandoned on the streets of the Huruma slum in Kenya at only three years old. He was left with nothing: no home, no food, no hope, and no future. Another young boy centuries before was on a hillside surrounded by a massive crowd of hungry people.

This boy had something all of them wanted: food. He could have kept it for himself but he decided to give it all to help others. Jesus prayed over his small gift and miraculously, the five loaves of bread and two fish became an abundant feast that filled the hungry bellies of thousands (John 6:1-14).

Today, because of caring sponsors, Mark is in the seventh grade and is thriving in his family at Hope’s Promise Sanctuary of Hope in Kenya. And just like the little boy who gave his lunch to feed thousands, Mark has a compassionate spirit. Recently, one of Mark’s classmates came to school with nothing to eat, and without hesitation, Mark gave the boy his lunch.

With millions of orphaned and vulnerable children in our world today, the need is overwhelming. But all it took to feed Mark’s classmate, and centuries earlier a hungry crowd of 5,000, was the humble sacrifice of two young boys. God can take whatever we are willing to give and multiply it to serve hundreds of orphaned children around the world. That’s heavenly math. We don’t need to understand it: we just need to be willing to be the one!

We are so thankful for your prayers and provision for children like Mark. Your support is extremely important to further the work that God is doing through the ministry of Hope’s Promise. Through your generosity, children are provided with food, clothing, shelter, education, a family, and, best of all, the opportunity to experience the tangible and unconditional love of Jesus.

While our amazing sponsorship family has grown considerable in recent years, we still have children who are not fully sponsored. We need to raise $60,000 to meet the needs of these children. Will you consider a year-end gift to bridge the gap as we seek new sponsors? Your tax-deductible gift of $25, $200, $150, or any amount will make a difference.  And, as with the little boy centuries ago whose lunch was multiplied after he gave it away, God is already at work multiplying your gift. This year, several generous donors have come forward and offered to match the first $11,000 raised through this year-end appeal. That means as soon as you give, your gift is immediately doubled!

Thank you for giving generously. Together we can continue to bless children in Kenya, Nepal, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, providing them the opportunity to grow into the people God created them to be.

Will you be the one?


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