The Importance of Hope’s Promise Child Sponsorship Program

Hope’s Promise was founded in 1990 and, compelled by the plight of exploding numbers of orphans, we began our Hope’s Promise orphan care division in 2002. Through this program, we serve fatherless and orphaned children worldwide by establishing homes to feed, teach, heal and share Christ’s love. We believe God planned families as the best place for children to grow and thrive; families that love, nurture and empower their children to achieve their full potential.

Our unique model of care places orphaned and at-risk children with indigenous families who have a heart for orphaned or at risk children. These parents agree to raise the children as their own. Through child sponsorship the child’s care and living expenses are fully covered. When you get involved in Hope’s Promise Child Sponsorship program, together we are able to support children in Kenya, Nepal, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe with safe, caring, and faith-driven homes to grow up in and an opportunity to become productive citizens in their country. It is through our Child Sponsorship program that we can work at a global level to help end poverty and transform a child’s life.

We have built our sponsorship program to care for children who are either single-orphaned (one parent is deceased), double-orphaned (both parents are deceased) or abandoned by his/her birth parents. A child is considered a single orphan when he/she has a living parent that is unable to care for the child because of poverty, neglectful parenting, or illness. We also offer educational scholarships for children living with biological families who can’t afford the cost of education.

Sponsorship of a child is $40 per month. We have over 50 children currently needing sponsorship and the need continues to grow each year. You can make the difference in a life of a child thousands of miles away with your monthly donation. You can be the catalyst that can help break the cycle of poverty simply by helping orphaned children become healthy, educated, and empowered. Join today.

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