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Unintended pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience. If you need pregnancy help, you can turn to Hope’s Promise. We are happy to provide you with a wide variety of resources, including pregnancy counseling and adoption services in Denver, Castle Rock, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs  and the surrounding areas.

Below are additional resources for pregnancy and parenting questions you may have.

Confirming Pregnancy

Home pregnancy tests are a good way to determine pregnancy, however, they can produce a “false” result if not used at the proper time. Visit WebMD to see the optimal time to use a home pregnancy test. You can also visit a pregnancy center in your area for a free pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Centers you could visit include:

Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Denver
The Pregnancy Center in Grand Junction
Life Network in Colorado Springs
The Alpha Center in Fort Collins
The Resource Center for Pregnancy in Greeley
Lighthouse in Gunnison

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Check out Everyday Health to see some of the common early signs of pregnancy.

Determining Your Due Date

Schedule an appointment with your physician or use Your Due Date to calculate your approximate due date based on the first date of your last period.

What to Expect When Pregnant

March of Dimes offers helpful information to prepare you for pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Effects of Drug and Alcohol Use on the Baby

Yes, your drug and alcohol use can have negative effects on your baby. If you use drugs and alcohol during your pregnancy, click on these websites for information regarding the effects of alcohol, illicit drugs and smoking during pregnancy. Even if you have used drugs and alcohol, Hope’s Promise can help you make an adoption plan for your unborn child – we have many waiting families who are ready to take on the blessing of parenting a child that may have been affected by drugs and/or alcohol.

Find A Pregnant Women’s Treatment Center Near Me – Help for substance use disorder (SUD) sufferers

Assistance With Quitting Alcohol or Other Drug Use

Remember, regardless if you are two months into your pregnancy or two weeks from your due date, quitting now is better than not quitting at all. Sometimes, it is difficult for a woman to stop smoking, drinking or using recreational or prescription drugs during pregnancy. These organizations and websites may be helpful:

Cost of Pre-Natal Visits and Hospital Stays

Having a baby costs more than you might think. If you make an adoption plan, expenses may be paid. If you plan to parent, Costhelper Children may help you calculate these costs.

Parenting Help, Support, and Resources

There are many wonderful pregnancy centers that can provide loving and confidential care for you and your child. Visit 911babies and choose Colorado for a complete listing of pregnancy centers with which Hope’s Promise works.

Grants for single mothers is a site that helps financially disadvantaged families with finding assistance programs. Their directory lists assistance programs that help with utility, energy, mortgage, rent, medication, education and medical bills.

Free Grants for Women provides a list of free grants and financial assistance programs that help women with medication, housing, medical bills, rent, utility bills, child care, education, and mortgage, among others.

Cost of Essentials for a Baby

WebMD provides an idea of the cost of pregnancy and supplies needed for your newborn baby. Please give us a call to discuss financial and other questions at 303-660-0277.

Cheeky Tummy has created a comprehensive expense calculator for pregnancy and  newborn baby expenses.

Eating Well While Pregnant

Check out some helpful nutritional guidelines on Womenshealth.

Determining if Parenthood is for You

This is a personal choice. We can help. Contact us at 303-660-0277 to begin free options counseling. In the meantime, the article Is Parenthood for you? raises great questions for you to consider.

Considering an Abortion

Make sure you get accurate information on medical procedures and long term physical and emotional effects. You owe it to yourself to consider adoption or parenting. We would love to help you consider your options. Call us at 303-660-0277 or visit the following websites Option Line or Ramah International.

Some women who have already had an abortion struggle with guilt, sadness, anger and many other emotions. Visit Ramah International for helpful information on how to begin your  healing journey. A Season to Heal: Help and Hope for Those Working Through Post-Abortion Stress, by Luci Freed and Penny Salazar, may also be helpful.

Eligibility for Government Assistance

You may be eligible to receive government assistance while you are pregnant. Visit Type the name of the program that fits your needs into the search box at the top right corner of the home page.  These links will give office locations and eligibility requirements.

Most information for government assistance programs is available through your county’s Department of Social Services. Click here to find your county’s DSS office.

Connecting with Birth Mothers

Birth Mom Buds may be a great resource for helping you connect with birth mothers as well as giving you a lot of information on what it is like to be a birth mother. You can also call 303-660-0277 and a pregnancy counselor will help you get in touch with a birth mother who has worked with Hope’s Promise to place a child with an adoptive family. This relationship can be an invaluable resource for you!

Recommended Reading

The Third Choice: A Woman’s Guide to Placing a Child for Adoption, by Leslie Foge and Gail Mosconi. This book provides advice about adoption, intended primarily to help a pregnant woman think through the possibility of allowing another family to adopt her child.

Pregnant? Adoption is an Option, by Jeanne Warren Lindsay. This book helps pregnant women think through the options of parenting and adoption.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, by Arlene Eisenberg, Heide Murkoff, and Sandee Hathaway. This pregnancy guide reassuringly answers the concerns of mothers and fathers-to-be from the planning stage through postpartum.

Grandparent Resources

Parents, Pregnant Teens and the Adoption Option: Help for Families, by Jeanne Warren Lindsay. In her book, Jeanne helps parents cope with the shock of a daughter’s teen pregnancy and helps parents understand how much their child needs support during this time. Jeanne also helps birth grandparents deal with their grief and the loss of the child through adoption.

My Child is a Mother, by Mary Stephenson. In her book, Mary shares a story of open adoption from the viewpoint of a birth grandmother. The adjustments of the entire birth family are truthfully discussed.

Bittersweet, by Gay Lewis. This book tells the story of a Christian family who faced difficult choices and decisions working through their daughter’s unplanned pregnancy.

Mom, I’m Pregnant, by Bev O’Brien. This book is written by the mother of a pregnant teenager and details her struggle with her daughter’s unplanned pregnancy.

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