Threads of Love

By Joann Briggs, 2017 Kenya Connection Team

IMAGINE the Possibilities! Strive for GRACE! Stand TALL!  NEVER give up on the things you care passionately about! Don’t be afraid to put down ROOTS! LOVE!

These were just a few of the inspiring words that the Hope’s Promise kids in Kenya chose as their favorite words to live by, a display of all that they have learned over the years through the nurturing of house parents Pastor and Mama Karau. These thoughts and more were printed on the fabric of the quilt made by a friend of Hope’s Promise, Sue Briggs.

Sue completed most of the work on the quilt, but it needed one finishing touch; to be hand stitched by the Hope’s Promise kids in Kenya. So, during the 2017 Kenya Connection Team Art Day, groups of three or four kids moved through various activity stations, one of which was a quilting station. As they reached this station, both boys and girls eagerly got into the spirit of lovingly hand stitching around the patterns of giraffes, lions, elephants, zebras, and umbrella trees. Esther K. exuberantly showed her love by creating a big loop of thread in her stitching. It was truly a labor of love as each child shared in the joy of sewing something special for their beloved house parents. Once completed they presented their work of art to Pastor and Mama Karau whose smiles beamed with joyful satisfaction at all that had been accomplished…in the making of the quilt, and in the transformed hearts of the children.



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