A Lifetime of Healing: Caring for Birth Moms

At Hope’s Promise, we never stop caring for birth moms.  Once a birth mother has placed with an adoptive family, we believe in providing continuing opportunities for healing, growth, and well-being.  That is why we, along with our friends at Colorado Christian Services, have partnered with Knee to Knee to provide a healing and restorative support group for all birth moms in Colorado.  Knee to Knee, founded by Ashley Mitchell, a birth mom, has created a curriculum for birth mom support groups.  This is the first ever post-placement curriculum to build lasting and concrete support groups for women that choose to place their children for adoption.

Thanks to Ashley Mitchell and Knee to Knee, we host life-changing support groups in person every month at Hope’s Promise with a virtual option for discussion time.  The topic this year is Reclaiming Truth & Dismantling Lies. We have talked this year about the lies of, “I am not worthy of love” and “I should get over it.” We look forward to the rest of the year as we tackle the challenges of the lies we believe and how to challenge those lies in ourselves and others.

All Colorado birth moms are welcome, regardless of the agency they went through.  Women who come to the group have a place where they can talk about the journey of being a birth mother whether that child was born very recently or 20 years ago. This is a safe place where the participants share the joy and grief of this journey and make friends with others!

If you know of a birth mom who could benefit from our Birth Mom Support Group, please email rachel@hopespromise.com for more information. 

Birth mom support group is on the third Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

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