The Heart of Sponsorship

Edited by Meredith Bird

The following is an interview with Deanna, who is a sponsor for two Hope’s Promise children in Kenya. Dianna and her husband are adoptive parents, and she also serves on the Hope’s Promise Board of Directors.

How did you end up sponsoring through Hope’s Promise?

Several years ago, we heard about efforts supporting children abroad, which is important to us. We met at the home of a long-time family friend involved with Hope’s Promise, and they introduced us to sponsorship details and prayed with us about getting involved.

Where is your sponsored child from, and how did you select him?

Over ten years ago, we began sponsoring David. We then chose also to sponsor Faith. They are both from Kenya; at the time, there were not as many countries to choose from. We don’t remember if we chose them or simply selected who was available at the time.

Have you ever thought about going to Kenya to visit?

We have thought about going, either as part of a mission trip or simply as a family travel destination. We have never been to Africa but visiting our sponsored children would be a great experience and a wonderful opportunity in the future.

How has the relationship developed over the years?

We do not write many letters; we receive regular updates from Hope’s Promise and keep up with how David and Faith are doing in school and spiritually. We pray for David and Faith and talk about them with our children. There is a call in my heart to sponsor kids, and God is trying to show me that it is more than just about money; it is being faithful to write letters and pray.

Is sponsorship important as a Christian?

100%. It is in line with God’s heart. We are His means, His wallet, and His voice. It is not just a financial commitment, but a spiritual and prayerful one; we are not fully in unless we are praying for them as well. God is using us as a tool in the life of someone else. We do not do it for any sort of reward but because we know it is His will to love on orphans and kids who are in tough situations.

Is there a verse that comes to mind when talking about helping to support orphaned children?

There is not a specific verse that comes to mind. Sponsorship and service cannot be separate from my walk with the Lord.

Does God care about how you spend your time and what ministry you’re involved with?

People might find reasons not to believe in God, but this speaks to me as nearness to God and an outpouring of my relationship with him. I feel more uncomfortable not sponsoring than sponsoring. If I didn’t, I would feel unsettled. That’s just part of following God.

What would you say to someone thinking about sponsoring a child?

The things outside of ourselves are what make life more worthwhile. It may seem expensive to sponsor a child, but it is rewarding on so many levels. If you feel like God’s called you to sponsor a child, it is an honor that he would trust you with this responsibility. The reward, coupled with your relationship with the Lord, is the way you can bless another person.

Meredith is an international adoptee from South Korea and was raised in Southern California. After earning her undergraduate degree in biblical studies and youth ministry from Azusa Pacific University, she is now pursuing a graduate degree in occupational therapy. She also teaches math to elementary and high school students in Castle Rock. In her spare time, she loves writing, art, photography, film and television production, music, and is an amazing volunteer with Hope’s Promise.

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