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Hope’s Promise serves orphaned and at-risk children through a unique model of care in the countries of Kenya, Nepal, and Vietnam. We believe God designed family as the best place for children to grow.

Through Hope’s Promise’s family-based care children are nurtured in indigenous Christian families where the complete care for the child’s spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs are made possible.

For $40 a month you can sponsor a child in Hope’s Promise
family-based care in Kenya, Nepal, or Vietnam.


When you sponsor a child through Hope’s Promise you  are giving  a child the love of a permanent family, a sense of belonging, and hope for their future.

Orphan prevention is important to Hope’s Promise because it strengthens the family by keeping orphaned and at-risk children in the care of biological family members. Often the only barrier to biological family members caring for their relative’s child is the financial burden. Our hope is that by removing the burden of the cost to send a child to school, at-risk children can remain in the care of their biological family and not need full family based care. When you sponsor a child, a small portion of your donations will provide educational scholarships to orphaned and at-risk children living in the care of biological family members in Kenya, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.