Adult Adoptee Access to Adoption and Birth Records: History, Controversy, Legislation, and Societal Change

Written by our friends at the National Council For Adoption

At Hope’s Promise, we are for ALL children and families. That includes adoptees. Because our adoption program has been in existence since 1990, we have a lot of adoptees who are now adults. It is our priority through ethical practices and compassion to walk alongside these adoptees, no matter their age, to provide them with education and counseling when needed.

This blog, by our friends at the National Council For Adoption, addresses the adult adoptees access to adoption and birth records. Access to adoption and birth records for adopted individuals sits at the intersection of ethics, privacy, confidentiality, and adoptee rights. Carefully navigating these delicate topics requires an understanding of the history of adoptee records access, the legal statutes and legislative actions that have shaped it, and the impact of DNA technologies. In this month’s issue of the Adoption Advocate, author and adult adoptee Abigail Lindner, breaks it all down and offers some suggested changes and considerations for the future.

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