Orphans in Mathare Valley, the second largest slum in Kenya, live in six square miles of abject poverty. Ethnic minority orphaned children living in rural areas of Vietnam are likely to drop out of school and start working at very young ages. Orphans in Nepal are especially vulnerable to human trafficking and child marriage. And corrupt leadership in Zimbabwe oppresses an entire nation, with orphaned and vulnerable children bearing the harshest impact.

By sponsoring a child through Hope’s Promise, you are transforming lives!

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Su, age 7

Su, who has been referred to as the “girl with a sad face,” has an ill-fated story that goes all the way back to the time before she was even born. Her parents had three other children prior to

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giving birth to Su and while Su was still unborn, her father was having an affair with another woman. This went on for two years and then her father sold their house and the land. Su, her mother, and her three siblings were homeless and were forced to live with the paternal grandparents. They waited for Su’s father to return, but he never did. After two years of waiting, Su’s mother felt compelled to leave the in-law’s home and live with her mother. Once living with her maternal grandparents, Su’s family continued to struggle as her mother was ostracized for being separated from her husband. Su’s mother was presented with an opportunity to work aboard. Once in China, Su’s mother found herself trapped into slavery. The maternal grandparents continued to care for Su until she was brought to the Hope’s Promise’s Home of Hope.

Since coming home to Home of Hope #5 at the end of April 2019, Su is no longer the “girl with a sad face.”  The house parents have observed her smile on several occasions. She engages in social interactions with her three siblings in the home. When she first arrived, she did not say much and appeared distant. She is showing healthy attachment with her new house parents and the three siblings. Prior to coming home to Home of Hope #5, Su had never attended school. Su is now looking forward to the opportunity to attend school. Su is thriving in the home where her needs are being met and she is loved and cared for!

Your sponsorship commitment helps provide for Su’s needs in the care of a loving and caring family, where her physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs are being met.

Sponsor Su

Phong, age 3

Phong was born to a young couple in the remote mountain village of Din Lanh, outside of the capital city of Hanoi. When Phong was 10 months old, his mother passed away due to

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an illness. His father was only 18 years old and did not have a home of his own; so, they lived with Phong’s grandparents.  Phong’s father works far from home, a several days journey, to provide for his family yet struggles to make ends meet. Most of the time, Phong was left with his grandparents, who are also impoverished and struggled to provide for Phong’s needs.

Since coming home to Home of Hope in early March, Phong has shown tremendous progress. When he first arrived, he did not speak any Vietnamese, only the language of his tribe. Phong is quickly picking up Vietnamese.  He is also exhibiting healthy attachment with his new parents and two siblings.  It is evident that he has thrived leaps and bounds in just a few months of being in a home where his needs are being met and he is loved and cared for!

Your sponsorship commitment helps provide for Phong’s needs in the care of a loving and caring family, where his physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs are being met. Phong will also receive any additional outside services, such as professional counseling and therapy, needed to meet his needs.

Sponsor Phong

Surakshya, age 12

Surakshya was born in a very remote village where her parents worked as laborers. Tragically, her father was walking home from work one night and fell

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off a cliff and died. After her husband died, Surakshya’s mother struggled to feed and educate her children. She was introduced to Jesus three years after her husband’s death. It was through the pastor who led her to Christ that she heard of House of Living Stone (HoLS). Surakshya came home to HoLS in October 2010. Today, Surakshya is a confident and opinionated girl who has many friends. She loves helping her house mother with chores. When she grows up she wants to help needy children. She is a very talented writer and is ranked 4th in her class of 30 students.


Trung, age 22

Trung is the eldest of three siblings. His father passed away suddenly from a stroke in 2004. His mother worked but did not earn enough to provide for her three children.

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During the day, while his mother was at work, Trung and his siblings often did not have food and would beg food from their neighbors. When Trung joined the Home of Hope family in 2008 he was malnourished and in need of medical care, and he had just started the fourth grade. Trung said that he really enjoyed school because he had many friends there. Today, Trung is in high school. He still loves school, especially math and English. Trung really enjoys reading and writing poetry. Recently he was selected to represent the school’s English team at the district level competition! Trung has a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father. He loves to study the Bible, and received high marks for a Bible course he took part in during the summer.

Sponsor Trung

Chan, age 16

When Chan was two years old, his mother died from complications during labor. Because of his love for his children, Chan’s father chose not to marry again (traditionally

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he would re-marry and move away from his children) and instead chose to parent his five children. As a farmer, he barely made enough for their survival. All the siblings, except Chan and his baby brother, worked as day laborers. Chan would normally also have to work except that his father sought the help of Hope’s Promise and chose to entrust Chan and his little brother into the care of the Home of Hope (HoH) family. Chan had struggled with school work, and in the third grade he was three years behind other students his age. Today, Chan is one of the top students in his class! He loves school and is excelling in biology and art. Sadly, Chan’s biological father passed away not long after Chan came home to HoH. His father’s immense compassion and love overflowed to Chan, and as a result Chan is an incredibly compassionate young man – especially with the poor and elderly.


Simon, age 16

Simon’s mother was homeless and lived on the streets. Simon’s two siblings were living in orphanages because she was unable to care for them. She would often require Simon

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to help her beg for food. Most of the time, Simon lived with his grandmother. In 2008, his grandmother was displaced by election violence and moved into a refugee camp and she no longer was able to give him the care that he needed. In October 2008, Simon joined the Sanctuary of Hope #2 (SoH2) family. Simon is outgoing and happy! He is bold and friendly and quickly makes new friends. Simon still struggles at times with taking things that do not belong to him– a habit he learned from living on the streets in order to survive. Through the love and support of his SoH family Simon is healing. He is encouraged and nurtured to work hard and succeed. Join us by sponsoring Simon and help him reach his God-given potential.


Faith, age 15

After being displaced by the election violence that occurred in 2008, Faith along with her mother and her two older siblings lived at a refugee camp . Faith’s mother married

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three times, but ultimately ended up alone with her three children. Sadly, life in the refugee camp was hard and fierce, and she could not care for her children or keep them safe. Faith was rescued from the abusive environment she was living in and came to her new home at Sanctuary of Hope in October 2008.

When Faith smiles her eyes light up! And she smiles easily and often. She is a joyful girl who loves spending time with her friends. Faith loves to help her parents, Pastor and Mama Karau, even when she is not asked. Faith says she has a grateful heart for “everything”. Her delightful personality is on display when she performs with the acting and dance groups at church. Through the love and support of her family Faith is encouraged to develop into the beautiful young girl God created her to be. Join us by sponsoring Faith and help her reach her God-given potential.

Sponsor Faith

Mark, age 16

Mark was found abandoned at a motel in a poor area of Nairobi. Those who found him reported it to the police who placed him in the care of the Missionaries of Charity 

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(an orphan home for abandoned children started by Mother Teresa) for care. However, this home was at full capacity, and because no one had come to claim Mark, he joined the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) family in 2008. Today Mark is a joyful and energetic boy with a selfless attitude. He is popular among his siblings at SoH and will spend hours in the yard playing soccer or riding bikes with them. He is doing well in school and loves his English class most of all. Because of sponsors through Hope’s Promise, Mark is not just a number at an orphanage. He has been given a family. Your love and support will provide Mark the opportunity to have a future full of potential.

Sponsor Mark

Elvis, age 13

Elvis’s mother disappeared from home for a few years, and when she returned with Elvis he was three months old. She spent the night with her mother and in the morning she had

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disappeared again, this time leaving Elvis behind. His mother was never seen again. Elvis’s grandmother tried to raise him as best she could but living in the slums with meager means and caring for her own two children still at home, life was difficult at best and she could not properly care for Elvis. In October 2008, Elvis came to his new home at Sanctuary of Hope #2.

Elvis is a quiet and reserved boy, but opens up around his peers. Through the love and support of his family, Elvis is encouraged to work hard and succeed. He is doing well in school and has a passion for math. Elvis is on the church drama team where he puts on skits for the congregation. Join us by sponsoring Elvis and help him reach his God-given potential.

Sponsor Elvis

Stacy M, age 15

Stacy arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) in 2008 when she was five years old. Stacy’s mother left soon after she was born and was currently working as a prostitute. Stacy lived with

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several relatives and was currently living with an aunt who was mistreating her. Stacy was very quiet when she arrived at SoH, would not talk to anyone and would play by herself. Very soon after arriving, she opened up and adjusted very well to life with her new siblings. Today Stacy is quite the social butterfly and is growing up to be a lovely young lady! Her outgoing personality attracts many friends; and she and her friends will spend hours playing with dolls, playing dress-up and creating bracelets and necklaces with beads. Thanks be to God that Stacy now can be a normal little girl with a bright future! Join us in nurturing this social butterfly to be a force of change in her community.

Sponsor Stacy M

Esther N, age 16

Esther’s mother passed away when she was three years old. So Esther and her brother moved in with her widowed grandmother. Her grandmother was also caring for her son’s children

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as well, because he had also died. During the post- election riots in 2008, the family home was burned in a fire. Overwhelmed by the many losses, Esther’s grandmother grew depressed and was unable to care for Esther. In October 2008, Esther came home to her new Sanctuary of Hope family.

Esther has grown into a confident and happy girl. She is a natural leader with her siblings and often coordinates activities for them to do together. It is quite typical for Esther to invite friends over to play; she loves socializing! She is doing well in her studies and enjoys her English class. Through the love and support of her family, Esther is encouraged to be herself and dream about her future. Join us by sponsoring Esther, and help her reach her God-given potential.

Sponsor Esther N

Esther W, age 14

When Esther was four months old, her mother passed away. Esther lived with her grandmother until she joined Sanctuary of  Hope at three years old.

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Her grandmother only spoke their tribal language, so when Esther arrived at at her new home she could not communicate with her house parents and siblings. Esther was quite shy and would not smile.

Today Esther is ALL smiles! She is a sweet and kind girl who is extremely inquisitive. She is always asking questions of her teachers in the classroom when she does not fully understand, simply because she really seeks knowledge! Esther enjoys playing hopscotch and hide and seek with her siblings. She has become very involved in her church and is active in the church drama team. Through the love and support of her parents, Pastor and Mama Karau, Esther smiles easily. Join us in giving this inquisitive young girl a bright future.

Sponsor Esther W

Esther K, age 14

Esther’s story begins in 2005 when she was born into the poverty of Mathare Valley slum. Sick and hungry, her single mother prayed that she would die. In 

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2008, Sanctuary of Hope #2 (SoH2) opened and Pastor and Mama Karau tried desperately to get Esther into this family, but Esther’s birthfather came back into the picture and refused to let her go. He then disappeared as quickly as he appeared. In 2009, Esther was rushed to the hospital. After many tests, she was diagnosed with an underlying genetic problem that made it difficult to absorb important nutrients. Five years after Esther entered the world, the Hope’s Promise Connection Team, met her at Mathare Valley Worship Center. She looked only two years old, could not walk and was extremely malnourished. On returning to the U.S., members of that same team came together to raise funds to get Esther to a specialist in Nairobi who recommended a walker and good nutrition—both impossible in the slum. The situation was desperate and Esther’s birthmom pleaded with the Karaus to allow Esther to live at SoH. Esther was welcomed home to SoH in July 2010!

Today, Esther is not only walking—she’s RUNNING! She lives with brothers and sisters at SoH who adore her and are always looking out for her. Through the support of generous sponsors, Esther is now enrolled in a specialty school for children with learning disabilities! The road of development stretches far before Esther, but if not by the grace of God, she would not be here today!


Alvin, age 13

Alvin’s mother died when he was only two months old, leaving him and his sister in the care of their grandmother. When Alvin arrived at Sanctuary of Hope in 2008, he was 

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malnourished, had intestinal worms and a fungal infection. Alvin, at the age of two, was in survival mode. He would often take the food off the plates of his siblings at SoH or would look around the house for food—even after finishing a meal.

Today Alvin is a free spirit who speaks his mind with confidence. Alvin’s favorite activity is playing outside with his friends and siblings. He especially enjoys soccer. Alvin is also involved with his church’s drama team where he puts on skits for the congregation. Join with us in giving this energetic boy a future that enables him to live the life God has planned for him.

Sponsor Alvin

Samuel, age 17

As a single mother with no source of income, Samuel’s mother would often leave him alone for hours in their one bedroom shack in the slums. She would spend her days drinking

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alcohol and would forget to take care of Samuel. As a toddler, Samuel would beg for food from his neighbors or simply eat the trash he found in the streets. When he arrived at Sanctuary of Hope four years old, he had never slept in a bed and did not know how to use utensils. He was quiet and shy and needed a lot of encouragement to interact with his new brothers and sisters.

Today, Samuel is a quiet boy who loves animals. He has said if he could be any animal he would be a lion “because it is brave.” We can’t help but wonder if Samauel spoke from a place of knowing; he certainly has had to be brave. Samuel is now in his teen years, and is experiencing a new type of independence. In his free time he can be found outdoors in the yard playing soccer or riding his bike. Samuel also has a love for the game of basketball. Through the support of Hope’s Promise sponsors, Samuel has opportunities that he never would have had living in the slums. Join with us in providing Samuel with a future full of potential.

Sponsor Samuel

Janet, age 18

Janet was just six years old when she arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH). She was malnourished and had intestinal worms. Both parents had AIDS and couldn’t care for Janet.

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She and her parents were starving, weak and living in a one-room shack in Mathare Valley slum. Janet was full of smiles when she arrived at SoH and was greeted warmly by her new siblings. Today, Janet is a smart and kind teenager—full of compassion. She dreams of being a pediatrician when she grows up so she can care for children who come from similar circumstances. Janet is very quiet and avoids being the center of attention, although her sweet nature has a tendency to draw many friends. In her free time, Janet is an avid reader and loves all kinds of novels! Your support for Janet will help her reach the big dreams she has for her future! Join us in helping Janet reach her God-given potential.

Sponsor Janet

Peter, age 18

Peter was almost five when he arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH). Prior to this he was living with his mother in a shack in Mathare Valley slum. His mother had HIV 

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and his father had abandoned them when he learned of her condition.Peter’s mother tried to earn an income selling groundnuts in the slum, but she knew she could not properly take care of him. Peter was largely unmonitored and would sometimes sneak away from home and return late at night. Because of his survival mentality, Peter was prone to violent behavior when he first arrived at SoH. Today, Peter is one of the most laid-back, fun teenagers you will ever meet! His house parents, Pastor and Mama Karau, say that he is a joy and brings laughter to the house. He has a contagious personality that draws many friends. Peter has an inclination toward the arts and spends his free time drawing! Hope’s Promise is grateful Peter doesn’t have to worry about his survival and can dream dreams that would not have been possible when he was living in the slum. Your support can further Peter’s dreams and allow him to live out his God-given potential.

Sponsor Peter

Stacy W, age 17

Stacy was almost five when she arrived at Sanctuary of Hope. Her mother had passed away just months earlier, and she was desperately missing her. She was very sad and spoke of her

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mother often. Stacy had never been to church or heard Bible stories. Her family belonged to a cult that, among other things, believed girls should be married at a young age. Thankfully this was not to be Stacy’s future. Today, Stacy is a teenager who loves fashion. She is beautiful and confident and has many friends at school. She loves to spend her free time hanging out with them after school. Stacy is very bright and, when she focuses on her studies, she does well in school. She says she would like to be a lawyer when she grows up! With her sense of confidence and faith we believe Stacy has a bright future ahead. Join us in supporting Stacy’s dreams and aspirations.

Sponsor Stacy W

George, age 17

George’s mother died when he was only two years old, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. When George arrived at his new home at Sanctuary of Hope in 2006, he

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had intestinal worms, skin rashes and a fungal infections. He had not received any schooling up to this point. Quickly after arriving at his new home, it became apparent how much he loves to play and eat!

Today George is an outgoing boy who is very popular among his peers. He has even been elected as school president by his classmates! George’s relationship with his Heavenly Father continues to grow and develop. In the bible study he attends he can often be found reading scripture aloud and volunteering his thoughts on the passage. George’s favorite activity is swimming because he finds it relaxing. Join us by sponsoring George and help him reach his God-given potential.


Tien, age 15

When Tien was one month old his mother died from complications during delivery. His father could not take care of five children, so an aunt took baby Tien into her home. Tien’s

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aunt and uncle struggled to provide for the six children in their care. When his biological father arranged to meet with Hope’s Promise staff on behalf of his older brother, his aunt asked that they consider placing  Tien in the Hope’s Promise home as well.

Sponsor Tien

Nuy, age 16

Nuy comes from a very poor tribal village. Nuy’s mother passed away in an accident on her way to work in the mountains when Nuy was 5 years old. Nuy and her 5 other 

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  siblings were then cared forby their father and 26 year old sister. A few months later her father remarried and moved to another village with his new wife leaving the children behind (which is customary among many tribal Vietnamese communities). To help provide food, all of the children except Nuy and another brother began working as day laborers. Just prior to being welcomed into Home of Hope #2, the family had decided Nuy would also need to begin working in the fields, instead of attending school, in order to help financially. When their sister heard about Home of Hope #2, she was very happy that Nuy and her brother would have the opportunity for a better life. Today, Nuy is thriving. She is joyful, courteous and good natured. She loves to draw and is doing very well in school! She is loved by her brothers and house parents.


Nguy, age 17

Nguy comes from a poor tribal village where he lived in government housing. Nguy’s mother passed away in an accident on her way to work. According to their tribal death

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traditions, his father left Nguy and his 5 siblings in the care of Nguy’s eldest sister. Unable to care for the two youngest children, Nguy’s oldest sister found out about Home of Hope #2 and wanted to give Nguy an opportunity for a better life. Nguy came home to HoH 2 in July 2010. Today, Nguy has an approachable personality and has many friends. Though he is an average student, he studies very hard. Nguy is passionate about God and stays after church to take Bible classes. He wants everyone to know Jesus and gives Bible’s to his friends who aren’t Christians. He dreams of growing up and helping others.

Sponsor Nguy

Phon, age 13

Phon became connected to Home of Hope #3 (HoH 3) because her mother’s siblings live in Home of Hope #2. In 2011, with her brother and mother she fled from her father who regularly

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drank heavily and abused them, and lived with her mother’s relatives. Poverty stricken, Phon’s mother struggled to provide for her children. Knowing the care her siblings were receiving, she reached out to Home of Hope to care for Phon. She came home in April of 2013. Phon is friendly and adventurous. She loves climbing trees in her schoolyard; she goes so high she makes everyone nervous! Phon has strong convictions and is not afraid to confront her friends when they are making poor choices. Phon excels in math, literature and art.

Sponsor Phon

Bon, age 11

In 2011, a Hope’s Promise team visited the sister of two children living in another Home of Hope. She had two children and her son, Bon, was very sick.  Bon’s mother fled her abusive

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husband later that year with Bon and his older sister to live with family. She found work as a labourer in the mountains, leaving Bon in the care of her family. But she still did not make enough money to care for them. She sought out HoH staff to place Bon and his sister in their care. Bon came home to HoH 3 in May of 2013. Today, Bon is quite the character. He is confident, talkative and has many friends. He struggles in school and has a hard time remembering what he has learned. Bon loves going to church and is particularly fond of the worship songs.

Sponsor Bon

Thien, age 15

Thien is the youngest of eight siblings. In 2009, Thien and his parents were involved in a motorcycle accident. His parents died immediately, but Thien was fairly unharmed. After the

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accident, 6 year old Thien went to live with his eldest sister. She has four children of her own, and her husband had died several years earlier. As the eldest, she was now responsible for all seven of her siblings, along with her own children. While the other siblings worked, Thien remained in school. He had no one to help him with his schoolwork, though, and would frequently skip school to play with his friends. The sister heard about Home of Hope and contacted Hope’s Promise Vietnamese staff asking that Thien be brought into one of our homes. He came home in the summer of 2013.

Sponsor Thien

Duoc, age 16

In 2005, Duoc’s parents divorced and left Duoc and his older brother with their grandparents when they each remarried. Duoc’s grandparents were both 80 years old and in

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poor health. They struggled to feed the children. Duoc’s grandparents became concerned that if they were to die, there would be no one to care for their grandsons. Their pastor connected them to Home of Hope and Duoc came home in August 2010. Today, Duoc is a kind and caring boy. He is an excellent student and has taken some accelerated classes online. He wants to see others succeed in life so he will often tutor kids in his class that are struggling. He is passionate about environmental protection. Duoc is very mature in his faith and applies what he reads in the Bible to his daily life.

Sponsor Duoc

Dat, age 17

Dat and his younger brother were living with their elderly grandparents. Their father was an alcoholic and was physically abusive to the two brothers. After his parents divorced, Dat

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went to live with his grandparents, who were eighty years old and sick. They could not properly care for them. Many times, Dat and his brother had to go to the market to beg for food. Today, Dat is playful and full of life. He is very kind and well-behaved. He loves to play with his friends.

Sponsor Dat

Sunita, age 13

Sunita’s mother became a widow in April 2009, when Sunita’s father died from tuberculosis. She lived with her mother, grandmother and sister. Despite her mother’s hard

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work as a day laborer, she was not able to provide enough to care for her family. Sunita came home to House of Living Stone (HoLS) in  June of 2010. Today, Sunita is a bright and hard working student. She is described by her house parents as quiet and kind.  Sunita is thoughtful and often looking for a way to serve others. It’s not uncommon to find her singing songs and dancing.


Lalita, age 14

Lalita’s parents were both agricultural laborers. Several years ago, her father developed a stomach infection. Their home was very rural and they had no access to

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healthcare; as a result, her father died. Her mother continued to be an agricultural laborer. She was very poor and was struggling to care for her two children. Her mother heard about House of Living Stone and asked that Lalita be placed here for a good education and shelter. Lalita is very quiet and shy. She likes to keep to herself. She is very kind and gentle and helpful around the home. She loves to play with her toys, dance, sing songs and explore new places.


Astha, age 12

Astha’s parents both worked as laborers. Shortly after she was born, her father disappeared and is believed to be dead. Her mother remarried and moved away from the village, leaving

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Astha and her older siblings to live with her Aunt. The family was very poor and Astha’s aunt could not feed or properly care for Astha. In May 2010, Astha was welcomed home to House of Living Stone (HoLS). Today, Astha loves to learn. Ranked second in her class, she works diligently in her studies. Captivated by the Bible, she wakes up every morning to read and study. She also loves teaching her friends songs she learns at church. She is anxious to learn how to cook, and is asking her mother to teach her how! Through the support of her HoLS family Astha’s insatiable desire to learn continues to be nurtured.


Grace, age 11

In 2008, political turmoil forced thousands of Kenyans into displacement camps around Kenya. Grace’s brother and her grandmother found shelter in one of the camps, but Grace’s

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mother chose life on the streets. After moving around from place to place, Grace ended up back with her grandmother in the displacement camp. In 2012, her grandmother was involved in an accident and was admitted to the hospital for extensive care. There was no one to care for Grace; her mother had left. Grace’s brother had already found refuge with the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) family, and after much searching, the Hope’s Promise staff found five year old Grace alone and surviving by begging for food. They brought her home to the SoH family in December, 2012.

Today, Grace is good natured and always has a smile on her face! She is talkative and makes friends easily. Grace is very active and loves to play outdoors, run around the house and jump on her bed! Perfect for a girl who relishes being in front of people, she is a member of her church’s dance group and drama club. Join us in bringing this joyful girl a future full of potential!


Sammy, age 18

Sammy was abandoned at an orphanage. Despite attempts to find his parents or relatives, they could not be found. When Sammy was just a baby he acquired a septic infection

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and was very close to death. But God moved on the hearts of Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) friends who took him to a hospital and paid for his expenses so he could survive. Once recovered, deep bonds had formed and Sammy was soon welcomed into the SoH family. Sammy thrived in his new family until learning disabilities began to undermine his self-worth. Again, God provided: a new special education school had just opened near SoH and Sammy was received into the program. Through the nurture of his SoH family and his new school environment Sammy is once again thriving. His self-esteem grows each day. Sammy loves to learn, and he has a leadership role at school as the environmental captain. Sammy is well adapted and respectful to his parents and siblings. Join us by sponsoring Sammy and help him reach his God-given potential.


Stacy N, age 16

Stacy Jr. was abandoned at a local hospital for a year and her grandmother rarely made the trip to visit. Sick and alone, the evidence of the prolonged hospital stay was evident.

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Stacy Jr.’s ear was scarred because of always sleeping on her side. She rarely walked, her leg was bent and her footing was unstable. Early in her life she experienced febrile convulsions which contributed to a speech delay. Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) learned of Stacy Jr. and welcomed her home on January 3, 2007. Since coming home to SoH, Stacy Jr. has grown significantly. Her fine motor skills continue to improve. She is affectionate, friendly and relates well to her peers. Although she tries very hard in school and often asks her teachers for extra work to improve, she struggles with learning. Reading aloud is difficult and she is often behind her peers. Your care and consistent sponsorship is especially important to Stacy Jr. and will give her the opportunity to go to a local school that specializes in special education.

Sponsor Stacy N

Victor, age 18

Victor’s mother died a few months after giving birth to him and his grandmother was raising him when Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) learned about his situation. Victor’s grandmother

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sold fish in the Mathare Valley Slum and with 9 children of her own she struggled to also care for Victor. When he came home to SoH in 2006, he was malnourished, had ulcers in his mouth, a fungal infection and was anemic. Today, Victor is social, outgoing and has an adventurous spirit. He loves soccer and spending time with his friends. Victor is challenged by school and tends to need lots of reassurance. Through the love and support of his SoH family Victor is encouraged to work hard and succeed.

Sponsor Victor

Laban, age 15

Laban lived in Mathare Valley slum with his mother, aunt, brother and twin brother, Michael. Laban’s family is all HIV+ except for him and his twin. His single mother 

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had no source of income. Laban and Michael arrived at Sanctuary of Hope in 2008 when he was almost four years old. Even back then, Laban was a joyful and obedient child who loved playing soccer and using his imagination. Today Laban is the spiritual leader among his siblings. He spends hours pouring over Scripture and even discipling his brothers and sisters. He has a deep joy that can only ever come from his Heavenly Father. Laban continues to be very playful and loves to play soccer and ride his bike. He is a natural leader and will sometimes organize activities for he and his siblings to do together! With his faith and natural leader abilities, Laban has a bright future ahead. Join us in helping this young man one day become a leader in his community.


Eva, age 15

Eva’s mother was an orphan herself and unable to provide for daughter or herself. They were dependent on people giving them food as they begged on the streets. Eva 

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came home to her new home at Sanctuary of Hope when she was 3 years old. When she arrived she was malnourished, underweight and had intestinal worms. Eva was a shy and withdrawn child and took a while to warm up to her new family.

Today Eva is very social with her friends and loves to get a “rise” out of her older siblings. She has a playful personality and loves to laugh. It’s not uncommon to find Eva singing a song, even in the middle of a lesson. All shyness gone, she now enjoys singing for the church congregation. Eva is also doing well in school, but asks that we pray for her to do well on exams. Through the support of her family our hope is that as Eva grows she will continue to develop into the young woman God created her to be. Join us by sponsoring Eva and encourage her fun-loving personality to reach her God-given potential.

Sponsor Eva

John, age 17

John’s mother lived in the slums of Mathare with her children. HIV positive, her health deteriorated making it difficult for her to care for them. John was her youngest child.

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Because she couldn’t take care of him she placed him in Sanctuary of Hope’s (SoH) care. In October 2006 John was the first child to come home to SoH. When John arrived he was malnourished, underweight and very sick. Shortly after arriving at SoH, John saw a gospel television program that sparked his heart with a passion for music. John is a natural leader, outgoing and social. Music is constantly on his mind; John is a talented pianist and vocalist and has competed in several music festivals where he has won awards. He plays for the worship team at church. One day John desires to use his musical gifts to share the Gospel in his community. Through the support of his SoH family, John works diligently to develop his musical abilities. Join us by sponsoring John and encourage him to reach his God given potential in every area of life.

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Geofrey, age 19

Geoffrey’s mom passed away, leaving him when he was only two and a half years old. His grandmother took care of Geoffrey until he came home to SoH in 2006.

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Geoffrey arrived very malnourished and with a fungal infection and intestinal worms. Vividly impacted by life in the slums, he would often retell stories of the life he experienced. Geoffrey was impacted the first night he came home to SoH and led the family in prayer at dinner. Today Geoffrey is a quiet, laid back teenager who often gives one word responses to his parents. He loves soccer and music. He prefers to be outside on any given day and loves to ride his bike. Geoffrey is waiting to hear the outcome of his primary school exams which determine the high school he will attend. Through the support of his SoH family Geoffrey is developing into a fine young man. Join us by sponsoring Geoffrey and encourage him to reach his God-given potential.

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Maureen, age 20

Maureen became connected to Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) through her mother, who was a cook at the SoH home. Tragically, in 2009 Maureen’s mother died leaving 

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Maureen and her older sister behind. They were taken into their step-grandmother’s care until she became too frail to take care of them. In 2011, Maureen was welcomed home to SoH. Maureen is a calm and laid back 15-year-old. She is awaiting the results of her primary school finals which determine the High School she will attend. Maureen is beginning to explore her identity and has strong friendships at school. Through the love and support of her SoH family she is developing a desire for a strong biblical foundation. Join us by sponsoring Maureen and encourage her to reach her God-given potential.

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Michael, age 15

Michael lived in Mathare Valley slum with his mother, aunt, brother and twin brother, Laban. Michael’s family is all HIV+ except for him and his twin. His single 

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mother had no source of income. Michael and Laban arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) in 2008 when he was almost four years old. When Michael arrived at SoH he was quiet, not very communicative and appeared very sad. Today Michael is still a quiet boy, but very friendly. He has a very active imagination and loves to create things out of anything he can find—he even makes things out of tape! Michael has a growing relationship with his Heavenly Father. He loves reading and studying Scripture. We’re grateful Michael can now use his creativity for play instead of survival in the slums of Mathare. Join with us in sponsoring Michael and encourage him to be all that God has created him to be.


Gaubir, age 12

At the age of two, Gaubir’s mother left the family to marry another man and shortly after, his father disappeared to marry another woman. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

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Gaubir and his two siblings were taken in by some relatives, but they were mistreated and Gaubir became malnourished. Another aunt heard about their situation and came to bring them to her home; but with nine people living in a small house, and with a very small income coming in, this situation did not work. Gaubir’s aunt learned of House of New Life (HoNL) from her pastor and sought placement of Gaubir with the family. He came home to HoNL in 2012 at the age of five.

Today, Gaubir is the most talkative and outgoing of his siblings at HoNL and his house parents say that he cannot sit still! He is full of life and extremely outgoing. He makes friends with everyone he meets. One of Gaubir’s favorite pastimes is coming up with creative stories and then sharing them with his family. Join us in encouraging this bright little boy to bring joy and life to everyone he meets.

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Ishwor, age 12

Ishwor was four years old when he was welcomed home to House of New Life (HoNL) in 2012. Shortly after Ishwor was born, his father died from alcohol poisoning leaving a

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wife, three children, and a huge debt. Ishwor’s mother moved to the city to work to pay off the debt and provide for her three children. She worked very hard, but when she was at work there was no one at home to care for her children. She barely earned enough to buy them food and was unable to send any of them to school. When she learned about the Hope’s Promise’s homes in Nepal, she sought the help of the Nepali Hope’s Promise staff.

Today, Ishwor is the youngest and definitely the smallest of his siblings, but he has no problem keeping up with them—especially playing soccer! He is a joyful boy who has a heart of gold and is always looking for opportunities to help around the house. He is constantly dancing and his overflowing joy is contagious among his siblings and house parents. Join us in cultivating Ishwor’s passion and joy so that everyone he meets sees Jesus.


Dhiraj, age 13

Dhiraj is the youngest of three children. When Dhiraj’s mother was pregnant with him, his father moved to India to find work. They lost contact with him and do not know where he is

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now. Dhiraj’s mother works as a day laborer on a farm, but earns very little, and is unable to provide enough food for her children or send them to school. His mother also suffers from kidney stones and has to take medicine which is expensive. In 2012, she reached out to the Hope’s Promise staff in Nepal for help and Dhiraj was welcomed into the HoNL family in the summer of that year.

Today, Dhiraj is excelling in school and is ranked 5th in a class of 39! He is extremely active and outgoing and loves to play all sorts of games—particularly soccer—and watch cartoons with his brothers and sisters. Every day he makes a point of reading his children’s Bible and is learning more and more about his Heavenly Father. Join us in encouraging Dhiraj’s curiosity and excitement about life.


Sharan, age 12

Sharan was just one year old when he lost his mother. His father then remarried and his stepmother did not like Sharan and his sister and treated them unkindly. They were given

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little food and were beaten. Sharan’s father took Sharan to live with his elderly grandparents, but they were too poor to properly care for him. The village they lived in was remote and offered no access to schools. When Sharan was five years old, his uncle learned of House of New Life (HoNL) and contacted Hope’s Promise staff in Nepal. He knew that living at HoNL, Sharan would be in a good family and given proper food and an education.

Prior to coming home to HoNL, Sharan could not read or speak in Nepali. Today, he is in the first grade and can speak, read and write in Nepali very well!  Because of how well Sharan is doing in school, his teachers are skipping him to the 3rd grade! In his free time Sharan likes playing games and watching cartoons with his brothers and sisters. He also likes to read story books and he loves to dance! Join us in nurturing Sharan’s God given abilities so that he will grow up to be a man after God’s own heart.


Arun, age 13

Too poor to be taken to the hospital, Arun’s mother died from a treatable illness when Arun was just ten months old. Arun’s father was an alcoholic and was incapable of caring

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for him and his older brother. Soon after Arun’s mother passed away Arun’s father disappeared. Arun and his brother were passed from relative to relative, and for three years Arun lived with his aunt and uncle and their six children. His aunt and uncle worked as day laborers but barely earned enough to provide even two meals a day. Arun’s aunt learned of HoNL and reached out for help.

Today, Arun is in 3rd grade. He has a servant’s heart and is a natural leader among his peers and siblings. His teachers often share that the other students follow Arun’s example. At home, Arun is eager to help his mother in the kitchen and his four brothers with their homework. Arun is always joyful and is often found singing and dancing! His musical abilities extend to church, where he plays the djembe (drum) during worship. Join us in empowering Arun to be a leader in his community.


Ngoanh, age 12

Ngoanh is an only child. In 2011, his father died when the quarry where he was working collapsed. His mother, who was born with epilepsy, began having more frequent episodes.

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As a result of one of these episodes, she died in December, 2012. Ngoanh was taken in by his aunt, but she did not earn enough to properly provide for him. When his aunt set an interview date with HP’s Country Coordinator, relatives from far away came because they wanted to consider carefully before placing Ngoanh in Home of Hope #4. They hope that being in the home will provide Ngoanh with a good education and proper care.

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