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Hope’s Promise Orphan Care was founded in 2002 to serve orphaned and at-risk children worldwide. Utilizing a unique model of care we believe God’s desire is for children to grow up in families. Through the generosity of sponsors, orphaned and at-risk children are placed with indigenous families, typically a pastor and his wife, who have a heart for orphans in their community. Through the Thrive Child Sponsorship Program, orphaned children are given an opportunity to grow up in a Christian family with a mother, father, and siblings in their own country and culture. Extracurricular activities, tutoring and special needs education assistance are also provided when needed. Having these needs met and belonging in a family make it possible for children to thrive.



Hope’s Promise also offers educational scholarships to children living with relatives who love and nurture them but cannot afford the cost of education. By coming alongside the caregivers to provide support, the children are able to continue their education while remaining in the care of family members.





We currently have programs in Kenya, Nepal, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. We are honored to work in each of these countries to help care for their most valuable gift, the children. We strive to maintain good relationships with local government, existing ministries and local organizations.



Our history is being written daily. The overwhelming needs of the massive orphan population crowds our sensibilities and our means. We rest in the truth of our Father’s love for each of them. May He count us worthy of His call.


When you sponsor a child copy and share one of these photos on social media.