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age 7

Su, who has been referred to as the “girl with a sad face,” has an ill-fated story that goes all the way back to the time before she was even born. Her parents had three other children prior to

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giving birth to Su and while Su was still unborn, her father was having an affair with another woman. This went on for two years and then her father sold their house and the land. Su, her mother, and her three siblings were homeless and were forced to live with the paternal grandparents. They waited for Su’s father to return, but he never did. After two years of waiting, Su’s mother felt compelled to leave the in-law’s home and live with her mother. Once living with her maternal grandparents, Su’s family continued to struggle as her mother was ostracized for being separated from her husband. Su’s mother was presented with an opportunity to work aboard. Once in China, Su’s mother found herself trapped into slavery. The maternal grandparents continued to care for Su until she was brought to the Hope’s Promise’s Home of Hope.

Since coming home to Home of Hope #5 at the end of April 2019, Su is no longer the “girl with a sad face.”  The house parents have observed her smile on several occasions. She engages in social interactions with her three siblings in the home. When she first arrived, she did not say much and appeared distant. She is showing healthy attachment with her new house parents and the three siblings. Prior to coming home to Home of Hope #5, Su had never attended school. Su is now looking forward to the opportunity to attend school. Su is thriving in the home where her needs are being met and she is loved and cared for!

Your sponsorship commitment helps provide for Su’s needs in the care of a loving and caring family, where her physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs are being met.

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age 3

Phong was born to a young couple in the remote mountain village of Din Lanh, outside of the capital city of Hanoi. When Phong was 10 months old, his mother passed away due to

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an illness. His father was only 18 years old and did not have a home of his own; so, they lived with Phong’s grandparents.  Phong’s father works far from home, a several days journey, to provide for his family yet struggles to make ends meet. Most of the time, Phong was left with his grandparents, who are also impoverished and struggled to provide for Phong’s needs.

Since coming home to Home of Hope in early March, Phong has shown tremendous progress. When he first arrived, he did not speak any Vietnamese, only the language of his tribe. Phong is quickly picking up Vietnamese.  He is also exhibiting healthy attachment with his new parents and two siblings.  It is evident that he has thrived leaps and bounds in just a few months of being in a home where his needs are being met and he is loved and cared for!

Your sponsorship commitment helps provide for Phong’s needs in the care of a loving and caring family, where his physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, and social needs are being met. Phong will also receive any additional outside services, such as professional counseling and therapy, needed to meet his needs.

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age 22

Trung is the eldest of three siblings. His father passed away suddenly from a stroke in 2004. His mother worked but did not earn enough to provide for her three children.

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During the day, while his mother was at work, Trung and his siblings often did not have food and would beg food from their neighbors. When Trung joined the Home of Hope family in 2008 he was malnourished and in need of medical care, and he had just started the fourth grade. Trung said that he really enjoyed school because he had many friends there. Today, Trung is in high school. He still loves school, especially math and English. Trung really enjoys reading and writing poetry. Recently he was selected to represent the school’s English team at the district level competition! Trung has a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father. He loves to study the Bible, and received high marks for a Bible course he took part in during the summer.

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age 16

When Chan was two years old, his mother died from complications during labor. Because of his love for his children, Chan’s father chose not to marry again (traditionally

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he would re-marry and move away from his children) and instead chose to parent his five children. As a farmer, he barely made enough for their survival. All the siblings, except Chan and his baby brother, worked as day laborers. Chan would normally also have to work except that his father sought the help of Hope’s Promise and chose to entrust Chan and his little brother into the care of the Home of Hope (HoH) family. Chan had struggled with school work, and in the third grade he was three years behind other students his age. Today, Chan is one of the top students in his class! He loves school and is excelling in biology and art. Sadly, Chan’s biological father passed away not long after Chan came home to HoH. His father’s immense compassion and love overflowed to Chan, and as a result Chan is an incredibly compassionate young man – especially with the poor and elderly.


age 14

When Tien was one month old his mother died from complications during delivery. His father could not take care of five children, so an aunt took baby Tien into her home. Tien’s

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aunt and uncle struggled to provide for the six children in their care. When his biological father arranged to meet with Hope’s Promise staff on behalf of his older brother, his aunt asked that they consider placing  Tien in the Hope’s Promise home as well.

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age 16

Nuy comes from a very poor tribal village. Nuy’s mother passed away in an accident on her way to work in the mountains when Nuy was 5 years old. Nuy and her 5 other 

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  siblings were then cared forby their father and 26 year old sister. A few months later her father remarried and moved to another village with his new wife leaving the children behind (which is customary among many tribal Vietnamese communities). To help provide food, all of the children except Nuy and another brother began working as day laborers. Just prior to being welcomed into Home of Hope #2, the family had decided Nuy would also need to begin working in the fields, instead of attending school, in order to help financially. When their sister heard about Home of Hope #2, she was very happy that Nuy and her brother would have the opportunity for a better life. Today, Nuy is thriving. She is joyful, courteous and good natured. She loves to draw and is doing very well in school! She is loved by her brothers and house parents.


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