Stacy M

Stacy arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) in 2008 when she was five years old. Stacy’s mother left soon after she was born and was currently working as a prostitute. Stacy lived with

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several relatives and was currently living with an aunt who was mistreating her. Stacy was very quiet when she arrived at SoH, would not talk to anyone and would play by herself. Very soon after arriving, she opened up and adjusted very well to life with her new siblings. Today Stacy is quite the social butterfly and is growing up to be a lovely young lady! Her outgoing personality attracts many friends; and she and her friends will spend hours playing with dolls, playing dress-up and creating bracelets and necklaces with beads. Thanks be to God that Stacy now can be a normal little girl with a bright future! Join us in nurturing this social butterfly to be a force of change in her community.