Sammy was abandoned at an orphanage. Despite attempts to find his parents or relatives, they could not be found. When Sammy was just a baby he acquired a septic infection

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and was very close to death. But God moved on the hearts of Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) friends who took him to a hospital and paid for his expenses so he could survive. Once recovered, deep bonds had formed and Sammy was soon welcomed into the SoH family. Sammy thrived in his new family until learning disabilities began to undermine his self-worth. Again, God provided: a new special education school had just opened near SoH and Sammy was received into the program. Through the nurture of his SoH family and his new school environment Sammy is once again thriving. His self-esteem grows each day. Sammy loves to learn, and he has a leadership role at school as the environmental captain. Sammy is well adapted and respectful to his parents and siblings. Join us by sponsoring Sammy and help him reach his God-given potential.