Eva’s mother was an orphan herself and unable to provide for daughter or herself. They were dependent on people giving them food as they begged on the streets. Eva 

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came home to her new home at Sanctuary of Hope when she was 3 years old. When she arrived she was malnourished, underweight and had intestinal worms. Eva was a shy and withdrawn child and took a while to warm up to her new family.

Today Eva is very social with her friends and loves to get a “rise” out of her older siblings. She has a playful personality and loves to laugh. It’s not uncommon to find Eva singing a song, even in the middle of a lesson. All shyness gone, she now enjoys singing for the church congregation. Eva is also doing well in school, but asks that we pray for her to do well on exams. Through the support of her family our hope is that as Eva grows she will continue to develop into the young woman God created her to be. Join us by sponsoring Eva and encourage her fun-loving personality to reach her God-given potential.