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Order Your Birth Certificates Online

Colorado Birth Certificates

Apply For Your Passport

Download Your Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Forms

Adoption Tax Credit

IRS Tax Credit and Adoption Assistance
Adoption Tax Credit
Becky Wilmoth, Bill’s Tax Service
About Money Adoption Tax Credit
North American Council on Adoptable Children

Child Citizenship Act of 2000

U.S. Department of State FAQ: Child Citizenship Act of 2000
Wikipedia: Child Citizenship Act of 2000

Adoption Fundraising

Adopt A Love Story

Adoption Grants / Loans

Lifesong for Orphans
A Child Waits Foundation
Show Hope
Kids for Kyla – click on Adoption Grant Application on the right side
Resources 4 Adoption
America’s Christian Credit Union
Katelyn’s Fund
God’s Grace Adoption Ministry
Gift of Adoption Fund
North American Council on Adoptable Children

Adoption Related

About Health
Building Your Family: The Infertility & Adoption Guide
Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute
National Black Child Development Institute
Family to Family Support Network
Parker Adventist Hospital Adoptive Family Classes

Infertility Support Group – Hannah’s Hope, Veritas Counseling, LLL, 3615 Tamarac Drive, Suite 310, Denver, CO

Medical Information

Health Finder
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Adoption Doctors
Hope for Orphans with Special Needs
International Adoption: Health Guidance and the Immigration Process

International Adoption Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Colorado


Hepatitis B Foundation


Autism Speaks 

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder Website

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment
Symptoms and Treatment

Mental Health

Mental Health Diseases in Children
Mental Health

Fetal Drug and Alcohol

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Birth Defects

March of Dimes
Birth Defect Research 
Kids Health
National Center on Birth Defects

Language Development in Internationally adopted children

Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption

International Growth Charts

Center for Adoption Medicine

Travel Preparation and Recommended Immunizations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Travel Health Online
Travelers’ Health
Low Ticket
Adoption Airfare


Asia for Kids
Perspectives Press: The Infertility and Adoption Publisher
Adoption Life Books
Adoption Shoppe

Other Good Information

The interactive guide to learning disabilities
The National Parenting Center
Colorado Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families
An online adoption education community    
A comprehensive and cost-free nutrition and feeding resource for adoptive and foster families

Finding therapists in Colorado with adoption experience

COPARC Therapist Database

The Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center (COPARC) has a database of licensed therapists in Colorado with adoption experience. The therapists on the COPARC list have registered with the Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center, furnished copies of their licensure, disclosure statements, and professional insurance, as well as completed an application. The Colorado Post-Adoption Resource Center of The Adoption Exchange does not recommend any particular therapist. The purpose of the therapist database is to make you aware of those therapists in Colorado who state that they have special training to work with adoptive families and who have completed an application. It is still important for you as adoptive parents to check out any professional you choose.

To access the therapist database go to the Adoption Exchange website.  You can enter your preferred county, licensure, and specialty. After you click on “search,” you will be provided with a list of therapists meeting those requirements. Or, call us for more recommendations.

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