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Our Infant Domestic Adoption Program

Serving Denver, Castle Rock, Grand Juction, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and the Surrounding Areas

Domestic adoption refers to US parents adopting a child who has been born in the United States. We can assist you with either an Infant Domestic Adoption or a Designated Adoption.

Infant Domestic Placement Program

In our Infant Domestic Placement program, the match between the birth family and the prospective adoptive family happens when both are clients of Hope’s Promise. Once the adoptive family has a completed and approved home study, they are eligible to be selected by an expectant family being counseled by Hope’s Promise who has decided to make an adoption plan for their child.

 Hope’s Promise Adoptive Family Criteria*
  • No more than two children in the home
  • Couples who have been legally married for at least two years
  • A history of infertility for one year or more
  • Christian families required
  • Ages between 21 and 50

Designated Adoption Program

A designated adoption is a proposed adoption in which the pregnancy client identifies the family she wants to adopt her child prior to working with an agency in most cases. That family may or may not have an approved home study at the time they are designated. As prospective adoptive parents, there are three cases where we can help you with a designated adoption:

1. The adoptive family and the pregnancy client are Colorado residents
2. The pregnancy client is a Colorado resident and the adoptive family is not
3. The adoptive family is a Colorado resident and the pregnancy client is not

 Hope’s Promise Adoptive Family Criteria*
  • No family size restrictions
  • Couples who have been legally married for at least two years
  • No infertility restrictions
  • No age criteria

In these situations, HOPE’S PROMISE trained staff will provide the state required services for each situation. Please give us a call to see how we can best serve you.

*Additional state requirements also apply

The Children We Place

Due to the demographics of Colorado the majority of infants we place are Caucasian. However, the children we place are representative of the pregnancy clients we serve…diverse. Most are infants who go home with their adoptive parents directly from the hospital. We are a child-focused agency and work to serve the best interest of the child.

And Openness?

The vast majority of birth and adoptive parents we serve choose to meet one another and share identifying information as their relationship develops. Although our staff members value openness in adoption, we facilitate the type of placement that is right for each birth and adoptive parent. There are no agency requirements.

For more information, call us today at (303) 660-0277.

A Gift of any kind to Hope's Promise will not result in the preferential treatment of a client or affect in any way the placement of a child.
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