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Our Mission

Transforming lives through the Christian ministry of adoption, pregnancy counseling and orphan care.

About Hope’s Promise

HOPE’S PROMISE is a Christian, non-profit child placement agency licensed by the State of Colorado. We are Hague accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

We facilitate both domestic and international adoptions. Our domestic adoption program offers options counseling to women and men facing an unintended pregnancy. We provide 24/7 free pregnancy counseling. Since 1990, Hope’s Promise has placed over 1,000 infants and children in safe and loving homes.

In 2002, we began Hope’s Promise Orphan Care, a child-sponsorship program that provides orphaned children in developing countries an opportunity to grow up in Christian families.

The staff of HOPE’S PROMISE has both personal and professional adoption experience. We believe it is important for you to be fully involved in the decisions which intimately affect your life. We strive to provide accurate and timely information, support, and ongoing communication.

Please feel free to call us at 303-660-0277 and we would be happy to answer your questions more fully and personally. In the meantime, we hope our information helps you select the agency best suited to meet your needs. God bless you on this journey!

Our History

Ray and Paula Freeman traveled to India in 1987 to adopt their infant daughter, Hope. Hope became the Freeman’s fifth child, joining four birth siblings at home in Colorado, USA.

This trip to India, and Hope’s subsequent adoption, led Paula Freeman to return to graduate school at Denver University to earn her Master’s Degree in Social Work, and found Hope’s Promise, a licensed, Christian adoption agency, in 1990.

Initially, Hope’s Promise intended to place only foreign born children for adoption with qualified US families. Two factors, however, led Paula and the board of directors to make Hope’s Promise a full service adoption agency. First, it seemed like a better business decision, diversifying rather than relying on only one or two unpredictable programs. Secondly, and most importantly, they believed adoption provided a viable alternative to abortion for those women who were pregnant but not prepared to parent a child at this time in their lives; it was consistent with our pro-life beliefs.

Licensed by the Department of Human Services as a Child Placement Agency on May 15, 1990, Hope’s Promise operated out of the Freeman home for two years. We moved to our current location in Castle Rock, Colorado in May, 1992.

Since its inception, Hope’s Promise has facilitated both domestic and inter-country adoptions.  Our qualified and dedicated social work staff provides birth parent counseling to women in unplanned pregnancies throughout the state of Colorado, and the state required Adoptive Family Assessment and training for prospective adoptive parents.

Throughout the years, Hope’s Promise has had inter-country adoption programs with Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ukraine and Sierra Leone. We have offered collaborative programs from India and Russia. Additionally, through our local services program, we have supervised internationally adopted children from a number of other countries, including Japan, Haiti, Ethiopia, Kazakstan, Guatamala, Mexico, and Romania among others.

September 2002:  

As a result of visiting orphanages throughout the world in her capacity as Hope’s Promise Executive Director, and seeing the needs of countless orphaned children who would never be adopted, Paula asked our board of directors to prayerfully consider forming a second organization devoted to providing humanitarian aid to those children who would remain in their birth countries. Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries (HPOM) was incorporated as a non-profit humanitarian aid organization in September, 2002.  Its mission was to reflect God’s heart in redeeming the lives of fatherless and orphaned children worldwide by establishing homes to feed, heal, teach, and share Christ’s love. 


Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries began its ministry in Namibia. Brenda Johnston joined our staff as a fully supported missionary. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Namibia to help provide leadership of this fledgling ministry alongside Sylvia Beukes, our Namibian Country Coordinator. This ministry consisted of over 20 children in foster families, a pre-school/kindergarten, an after-school tutoring program, a crisis pregnancy center, and a domestic adoption program when the staff in Namibia chose to leave Hope’s Promise and become their own 501(c)(3) ministry.


House of Hope opened in Freetown, Sierra Leone under the leadership of Country Coordinator Pastor Samuel Neufville and his wife, Mary. This home provided permanent orphan care to approximately ten children as well as temporary care for children who will be internationally adopted. Hope’s Promise Preparatory School opened two years later under the administration of Martin Simbo. Difficult circumstances required us to terminate the employment of Samuel Neufville. His retaliatory actions in Sierra Leone thereafter destroyed the ministry.


Sanctuary of Hope (SoH), a children’s home, opened in Nairobi, Kenya in October, 2006.  This project was spearheaded by board members David and Colleen Briggs. Pastor Jepson and Mrs. Edith Karau became our Co-Country Coordinators and house parents. SoH is a permanent home to ten children from the Mathare Valley slums.


Hope’s Promise and Hope’s Promise Orphan Ministries legally merged to form one organization, Hope’s Promise, with two separate divisions, adoption and orphan care.


Home of Hope, a children’s home for ten boys, opened in Vietnam under the leadership of Co-Country coordinators Dr. Tran van Thanh and his wife Nguyen Thi Kim Anh. Hope’s Promise was also Hague accredited in the first group of US child placement agencies to earn this accreditation.


Our inter-country adoption ministry began in Nepal as did our first children’s home, Asha Griha (House of Hope). Silas Khadka was our first staff member in Nepal. He later fled to the United States under humanitarian parole and directed the Nepali ministry under the organization ChildHope. We continue to partner with ChildHope in caring for orphans in Nepal and enjoy a relationship with the Khadka family that now spans twenty years.


Our ministry in Zimbabwe began when we merged with a small orphan care ministry headed by Paul and Lydia Neshangwe. Lydia became our country coordinator in Zimbabwe. She returned to Zimbabwe in 2013 after completing her degree at Denver Seminary. At the outset this ministry consisted of educational sponsorships.

2010:  Hope’s Promise began its Connection Team ministry with its first team trip to Kenya. Subsequent ministries to Vietnam and Nepal followed.

2014:  Paula Freeman resigned as Executive Director. The board of directors, after a careful and prayerful search, named Beth Woods as Paula’s successor, effective February 1, 2014.

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