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Here is a way to give to Hope’s Promise that doesn’t cost you a dime! Your shopping and dining out can earn money toward Hope’s Promise programs.

To sign up click here.

After signing up, text photos of your receipts to 248-246-7627, hit send and voila! SnapBOOSTER sends Hope’s Promise a check each month. Message and data rates may apply.

Here’s how it works. The money comes from the participating retailers who hire SnapBOOSTER to transform their ‘once-a-week’ customers into ‘twice-a-week’ customers. For that, the retailer pays SnapBOOSTER a fee. A portion of the fee is sent to Hope’s Promise. If the retailer doesn’t participate yet, it is ok, SnapBOOSTER will still pay you for your receipt. It’s that simple!

Snap any and all receipts. For the best results, snap participating retailers (Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, Qdoba Hobby Lobby and more.