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The culture of Zimbabwe encourages the extended family to care for orphaned children so that grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers, and sisters become the guardians. Hope’s Promise works with the local church to supplement extended relatives’ resources through the Thrive Scholarship Fund, offering educational scholarships and emotional support so caregivers can sustain a loving home for the orphan. By coming alongside the local church, Hope’s Promise assists without disturbing existing family structures, and remains invisible to the children so the relationship with the caregiver is strengthened. Hope’s Promise invites you to join us in providing an education through “blind” sponsorship at $40 a month by contributing to the Thrive Scholarship Fund.

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Anotida, Age 13

Anotida’s twin sister died shortly after birth, followed by her mother. Left parentless, her elderly grandmother

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took her in for a while, but couldn’t give her the proper care she needed. Ano’s aunt and uncle had compassion for her and welcomed her into their family. Today, Ano’s smile is a shy one but it speaks volumes about her passion for life. Ano is HIV positive, but that does not impair her zeal. Thanks to the generosity of Hope’s Promise sponsors, every morning Ano walks to school in a clean school uniform, and with a bag of textbooks and notebooks—all things not previously available to her. Ano has learnt compassion through living in a compassionate home. With an education she now has a brighter future. Will you join with us in providing the nurture and care that allows Anotida to have a healthy future full of potential?

Sponsorship Opportunities for Anotida: Fully Sponsored


Brilliant, Age 8

Brilliant was three years old when he and his brother (age two) were abandoned by their mother who

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moved to South Africa to find work. She never returned. And their father is unknown. Neighbors who found them took compassion on them and sent them on a bus to live with their grandmother in a rural area of Zimbabwe. Brilliant is an active boy. Every moment he is not in school or working on homework is spent outdoors playing with his brother. He plays soccer or makes toys out of wire and sticks. One of his favorite things to make is a soccer ball using wound up pieces of plastic bags.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Brilliant: Fully Sponsored


David, Age 17

David’s father passed away in 2009 after a long illness. His mother is uneducated and unable to find adequate

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employment to consistently pay school fees. David dreams of being a lawyer or human rights advocate one day. His passion for justice came from his experience in watching his mother being treated badly and the lack of support she received. David was chosen by his peers to be a representative in the Junior Call club—where students interact with police officers and legal workers who teach them about laws and community outreach. David is also a member of his school’s Human Rights club. Join us in supporting this bright young man’s aspirations to bring change to the country of Zimbabwe.

Sponsorship Opportunities for David: $40 per month

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Davinia, Age 9

Davinia’s father passed away in 2009 after battling a long illness. Her mother is uneducated and unable

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to find adequate employment and consistently fails to pay school fees because of unreliable income. Davinia’s favorite activity is reading! Even at school her favorite time of day is “reading time.” Books bring her immense joy. Davinia has dreams of being a nurse. Her gentle and cheerful nature will suit this profession perfectly. Will you join us in supporting the dreams and aspirations of this little girl?

 Sponsorship Opportunities for Davinia: $40 per month

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Lincoln, Age 7

Lincoln was two years old when he and his brother (age three) were abandoned by their mother who

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moved to South Africa to find work. She never returned. And their father is unknown. Neighbors who found them took compassion on them and sent them on a bus to live with their grandmother in a rural area of Zimbabwe. Lincoln is an avid runner and finds great joy in taking part in races through his school’s track team. After winning a race he always has a wide grin covering his face!  Will you join us in giving this little boy the opportunity to live out his dreams?

Sponsorship Opportunities for Lincoln: Fully Sponsored


Tinashe, Age 18

Tinashe’s mother died when he was just a baby and his father is unknown. Tinashe lives with his grandparents.

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They are now quite elderly and frail and are unable to work to pay for Tinashe’s school fees. Tinashe is quite bright and really enjoys studying math. He is outgoing and a natural leader. He easily connects with his peers and has earned their respect. Although young, Tinashe recently joined the order of lay preachers! He is a gifted speaker and is wise beyond his years. Please join us in supporting the dreams and aspirations of this young man.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Tinashe: $40 per month

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Vanessa, Age 19

Vanessa rose from hard circumstances to give a notable high school speech! Her parents died when she was in

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2nd grade. An aunt took her in and died, then an uncle who also died. Standing before an audience of teachers, government ministers, foreign ambassadors and UN Children’s Fund staff, she shared in her words, “The difference between a mirror and a window is a mirror only allows you to see yourself while a window allows you to see the world outside of yourself. When you are able to see the plight of others such is the show of love.” Without LEADS Vanessa may have roamed the streets, been involved in unlawful activity, and lost her innocence. Instead she enjoys a loving family life, is a mature girl and a bright student. Vanessa describes herself as “a lawyer in the making”. Join us in supporting Vanessa’s dream.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Vanessa:$40 per month

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Ian, Age 14

At just 7 years old, Ian became fatherless when his dad died in a car accident, leaving his mother to support three

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children (plus a cousin they took in when she was orphaned). Ian’s mother could barely afford to meet their basic needs and paying for school fees became a luxury she couldn’t give to the children. Ian entered the Hope’s Promise LEADS program in 2016 at the age of 13. He just completed 7th grade. For extracurricular activities, Ian has been part of the school’s choir and on the track team! Ian is a bright young man full of determination. His grades have been excellent and he loves school. He wants to attend high school so that one day he can enroll in business school and fulfill a dream of opening a small business when he grows up. Supporting Ian’s desire to attend high school will lay the framework for him to reach his goals and be an engaged member of his community.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Ian: $40 per month

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