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Kenya, located on Africa’s east coast, is a country of scenic beauty and abundant wildlife; a country known for its Great Rift Valley, Mt. Kenya, and alluring safari destinations. However, behind the beauty there is tremendous suffering. With a population of more than 44 million, over two million are orphans and vulnerable children under the age of 18 (PubMed.gov, US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, May 2014). Many of these children can be found in Mathare Valley, a place of heartbreak and despair, home to 600,000 people within six square miles. At the bottom of this human heap of misery are abandoned babies; AIDS orphans cowering in abusive relative’s homes; and ragged street kids sniffing glue to escape hunger and pain. Many enter and leave the world there, perpetuating a vicious cycle of generational poverty and hopelessness.

SoH children March 08 cropIn an effort to impact this vicious cycle Hope’s Promise established the Sanctuary of Hope homes in Nairobi, Kenya. One by one, orphaned and abandoned children, the neglected and the hungry, came home to a permanent, loving family. Today 24 children, most of them from Mathare Valley, are living out a very different dream than the harsh reality of their early childhood.

Stacy Jr. is one of these children. Stacy Jr. was abandoned at a local hospital for a year. Her grandmother rarely made the trip to visit. Sick and alone, the result of the prolonged hospital stay was evident. Stacy Jr.’s ear was scarred from always sleeping on her side. She rarely walked, her leg was bent and her footing was unstable. Early in life she experienced febrile convulsions which contributed to a speech delay. Stacy Jr. was embraced by her new family at Sanctuary of Hope and welcomed home in January 2007. Through the support of a family who loves and nurtures her, Stacy Jr.’s health continues to improve.

Each child is precious. Each one is of great value. God has written a part for each of these children to play on the stage of life that no other person can play. Like Stacy Jr, through the support of their Sanctuary of Hope family they are enfolded into homes of security and love, where they have the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

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Enjoy this glimpse into the early days of Sanctuary of Hope (SoH). Our thanks go to Melissa Berry for creating this video, as well as to songwriter, singer and musician, Brendan Jamieson. To see and hear the SoH family describing the heart of Hope’s Promise Kenya’s mission, take a few moments to view a more recent video. Many thanks to the video’s creator, Daniel Barassa, and to songwriter, singer and musician, Brendan Jamieson.

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Learn more about Bryan Jones, a musician who combined his talents with a passion for orphans. He and his band “Picnic in the Meadow” produced an album of original music called “Livin’ in Me” as an offering of “loaves and fishes” to raise money and awareness for Hope’s Promise, and specifically to raise funds to open a new home in Kenya. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/picnicinthemeadow to purchase the CD.