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Adoptive Family and Birth Family Caseworker


Phone: (303) 660-0277

What do I love about my job? I love having the privilege of walking alongside expectant families and prospective adoptive families as they make decisions about their lives. With expectant families, we work from a potentially difficult situation to discussing options and forming a healthy plan. Sometimes the plan focuses on parenting the child and sometimes the plan is placing the infant for adoption. My favorite part of the adoption plan is seeing the connections and similarities that the birth family and adoptive family discover. I love seeing how God works out the details of the open adoption relationship. In this work, I get to see God’s story of love and redemption lived out in the lives of my clients. I cherish this as an honor and privilege.

Education & Experience: I graduated from Calvin College with my Bachelor of Social Work degree and from the University of Michigan with my Master of Social Work degree.  I have worked in the adoption field for nine years and have worked as a Caseworker at Hope’s Promise since June of 2010.

Responsibilities: Completing adoptive family assessments and post placement supervision for domestic families, and meeting with expectant parents for options and relinquishment counseling.