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Adoptive Family and Birth Parent Caseworker


Phone: (970) 263-7771

What I love about this job: I love that each adoption story is unique. I feel honored to be a listening ear, while birth parents reveal their personal stories to me. They have a difficult decision to make and my job is to help them understand their options and support them in making a healthy, informed decision about their future and the future of their child.

Each adoptive family comes to me with their own unique stories. Some adopt because of infertility, and adoption is their alternative way to grow their family; others adopt in order to add to their family.

It is such a privilege to walk along-side birth parents and adoptive families guiding them through the adoption journey.

Education and Experience:  Graduate of Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Human Services with a specialization in Marriage and Family Counseling. I have been a Birth Parent Counselor and Adoptive Family Caseworker with Hope’s Promise since October 2012.

Responsibilities: I meet with birth parents for options and relinquishment counseling, and complete adoptive family assessments and post placement supervision for domestic and international adoptions.