How Adoption Works

November 28, 2016 HOW ADOPTION WORKS If you are considering adoption, you probably have questions about the process, where to start, and who to turn to. As you begin, it can feel daunting and can easily become overwhelming if you do not have a knowledgeable resource to guide you through the process. We’re here for you. The following is a list of what you

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Help Us Ask for Change: Department of State’s Proposed Intercountry Adoption Regulations Changes

Recently, the Department of State (DOS) proposed new regulations that may significantly impact international adoption. Since 2004, international adoption has declined dramatically (by almost 75%). If the regulations pass, they have the potential to drastically change and further decrease the number of international adoptions, cause some adoption agencies to close leaving families with less options, and potentially lengthen the processing time of adoptions that do take place.

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The Importance of Hope’s Promise Child Sponsorship Program

Hope’s Promise was founded in 1990 and, compelled by the plight of exploding numbers of orphans, we began our Hope’s Promise orphan care division in 2002. Through this program, we serve fatherless and orphaned children worldwide by establishing homes to feed, teach, heal and share Christ’s love. We believe God planned families as the best place for children to grow and thrive; families that love, nurture and empower their children to achieve their full potential.

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