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age 12

Surakshya was born in a very remote village where her parents worked as laborers. Tragically, her father was walking home from work one night and fell off a cliff and

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died. After her husband died, Surakshya’s mother struggled to feed and educate her children. She was introduced to Jesus three years after her husband’s death. It was through the pastor who led her to Christ that she heard of House of Living Stone (HoLS). Surakshya came home to HoLS in October 2010. Today, Surakshya is a confident and opinionated girl who has many friends. She loves helping her house mother with chores. When she grows up she wants to help needy children. She is a very talented writer and is ranked 4th in her class of 30 students.


age 13

Sunita’s mother became a widow in April 2009, when Sunita’s father died from tuberculosis. She lived with her mother, grandmother and sister. Despite her mother’s hard

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work as a day laborer, she was not able to provide enough to care for her family. Sunita came home to House of Living Stone (HoLS) in  June of 2010. Today, Sunita is a bright and hard working student. She is described by her house parents as quiet and kind.  Sunita is thoughtful and often looking for a way to serve others. It’s not uncommon to find her singing songs and dancing.


age 13

Lalita’s parents were both agricultural laborers. Several years ago, her father developed a stomach infection. Their home was very rural and they had no access to

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healthcare; as a result, her father died. Her mother continued to be an agricultural laborer. She was very poor and was struggling to care for her two children. Her mother heard about House of Living Stone and asked that Lalita be placed here for a good education and shelter. Lalita is very quiet and shy. She likes to keep to herself. She is very kind and gentle and helpful around the home. She loves to play with her toys, dance, sing songs and explore new places.


age 12

Astha’s parents both worked as laborers. Shortly after she was born, her father disappeared and is believed to be dead. Her mother remarried and moved away from the village, leaving

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Astha and her older siblings to live with her Aunt. The family was very poor and Astha’s aunt could not feed or properly care for Astha. In May 2010, Astha was welcomed home to House of Living Stone (HoLS). Today, Astha loves to learn. Ranked second in her class, she works diligently in her studies. Captivated by the Bible, she wakes up every morning to read and study. She also loves teaching her friends songs she learns at church. She is anxious to learn how to cook, and is asking her mother to teach her how! Through the support of her HoLS family Astha’s insatiable desire to learn continues to be nurtured.


age 12

At the age of two, Gaubir’s mother left the family to marry another man and shortly after, his father disappeared to marry another woman. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

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Gaubir and his two siblings were taken in by some relatives, but they were mistreated and Gaubir became malnourished. Another aunt heard about their situation and came to bring them to her home; but with nine people living in a small house, and with a very small income coming in, this situation did not work. Gaubir’s aunt learned of House of New Life (HoNL) from her pastor and sought placement of Gaubir with the family. He came home to HoNL in 2012 at the age of five.

Today, Gaubir is the most talkative and outgoing of his siblings at HoNL and his house parents say that he cannot sit still! He is full of life and extremely outgoing. He makes friends with everyone he meets. One of Gaubir’s favorite pastimes is coming up with creative stories and then sharing them with his family. Join us in encouraging this bright little boy to bring joy and life to everyone he meets.

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age 11

Ishwor was four years old when he was welcomed home to House of New Life (HoNL) in 2012. Shortly after Ishwor was born, his father died from alcohol poisoning leaving a

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wife, three children, and a huge debt. Ishwor’s mother moved to the city to work to pay off the debt and provide for her three children. She worked very hard, but when she was at work there was no one at home to care for her children. She barely earned enough to buy them food and was unable to send any of them to school. When she learned about the Hope’s Promise’s homes in Nepal, she sought the help of the Nepali Hope’s Promise staff.

Today, Ishwor is the youngest and definitely the smallest of his siblings, but he has no problem keeping up with them—especially playing soccer! He is a joyful boy who has a heart of gold and is always looking for opportunities to help around the house. He is constantly dancing and his overflowing joy is contagious among his siblings and house parents. Join us in cultivating Ishwor’s passion and joy so that everyone he meets sees Jesus.


age 12

Dhiraj is the youngest of three children. When Dhiraj’s mother was pregnant with him, his father moved to India to find work. They lost contact with him and do not know where he is

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now. Dhiraj’s mother works as a day laborer on a farm, but earns very little, and is unable to provide enough food for her children or send them to school. His mother also suffers from kidney stones and has to take medicine which is expensive. In 2012, she reached out to the Hope’s Promise staff in Nepal for help and Dhiraj was welcomed into the HoNL family in the summer of that year.

Today, Dhiraj is excelling in school and is ranked 5th in a class of 39! He is extremely active and outgoing and loves to play all sorts of games—particularly soccer—and watch cartoons with his brothers and sisters. Every day he makes a point of reading his children’s Bible and is learning more and more about his Heavenly Father. Join us in encouraging Dhiraj’s curiosity and excitement about life.


age 12

Sharan was just one year old when he lost his mother. His father then remarried and his stepmother did not like Sharan and his sister and treated them unkindly. They were given

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little food and were beaten. Sharan’s father took Sharan to live with his elderly grandparents, but they were too poor to properly care for him. The village they lived in was remote and offered no access to schools. When Sharan was five years old, his uncle learned of House of New Life (HoNL) and contacted Hope’s Promise staff in Nepal. He knew that living at HoNL, Sharan would be in a good family and given proper food and an education.

Prior to coming home to HoNL, Sharan could not read or speak in Nepali. Today, he is in the first grade and can speak, read and write in Nepali very well!  Because of how well Sharan is doing in school, his teachers are skipping him to the 3rd grade! In his free time Sharan likes playing games and watching cartoons with his brothers and sisters. He also likes to read story books and he loves to dance! Join us in nurturing Sharan’s God given abilities so that he will grow up to be a man after God’s own heart.


age 13

Too poor to be taken to the hospital, Arun’s mother died from a treatable illness when Arun was just ten months old. Arun’s father was an alcoholic and was incapable of caring

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for him and his older brother. Soon after Arun’s mother passed away Arun’s father disappeared. Arun and his brother were passed from relative to relative, and for three years Arun lived with his aunt and uncle and their six children. His aunt and uncle worked as day laborers but barely earned enough to provide even two meals a day. Arun’s aunt learned of HoNL and reached out for help.

Today, Arun is in 3rd grade. He has a servant’s heart and is a natural leader among his peers and siblings. His teachers often share that the other students follow Arun’s example. At home, Arun is eager to help his mother in the kitchen and his four brothers with their homework. Arun is always joyful and is often found singing and dancing! His musical abilities extend to church, where he plays the djembe (drum) during worship. Join us in empowering Arun to be a leader in his community.


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