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age 16

Simon’s mother was homeless and lived on the streets. Simon’s two siblings were living in orphanages because she was unable to care for them. She would often require Simon

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to help her beg for food. Most of the time, Simon lived with his grandmother. In 2008, his grandmother was displaced by election violence and moved into a refugee camp and she no longer was able to give him the care that he needed. In October 2008, Simon joined the Sanctuary of Hope #2 (SoH2) family. Simon is outgoing and happy! He is bold and friendly and quickly makes new friends. Simon still struggles at times with taking things that do not belong to him– a habit he learned from living on the streets in order to survive. Through the love and support of his SoH family Simon is healing. He is encouraged and nurtured to work hard and succeed. Join us by sponsoring Simon and help him reach his God-given potential.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Simon: $40 per month

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age 15

After being displaced by the election violence that occurred in 2008, Faith along with her mother and her two older siblings lived at a refugee camp . Faith’s mother married

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three times, but ultimately ended up alone with her three children. Sadly, life in the refugee camp was hard and fierce, and she could not care for her children or keep them safe. Faith was rescued from the abusive environment she was living in and came to her new home at Sanctuary of Hope in October 2008.

When Faith smiles her eyes light up! And she smiles easily and often. She is a joyful girl who loves spending time with her friends. Faith loves to help her parents, Pastor and Mama Karau, even when she is not asked. Faith says she has a grateful heart for “everything”. Her delightful personality is on display when she performs with the acting and dance groups at church. Through the love and support of her family Faith is encouraged to develop into the beautiful young girl God created her to be. Join us by sponsoring Faith and help her reach her God-given potential.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Faith: $40 per month

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age 15

Mark was found abandoned at a motel in a poor area of Nairobi. Those who found him reported it to the police who placed him in the care of the Missionaries of Charity 

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(an orphan home for abandoned children started by Mother Teresa) for care. However, this home was at full capacity, and because no one had come to claim Mark, he joined the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) family in 2008. Today Mark is a joyful and energetic boy with a selfless attitude. He is popular among his siblings at SoH and will spend hours in the yard playing soccer or riding bikes with them. He is doing well in school and loves his English class most of all. Because of sponsors through Hope’s Promise, Mark is not just a number at an orphanage. He has been given a family. Your love and support will provide Mark the opportunity to have a future full of potential.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Mark: $40 per month

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age 13

Elvis’s mother disappeared from home for a few years, and when she returned with Elvis he was three months old. She spent the night with her mother and in the morning she had

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disappeared again, this time leaving Elvis behind. His mother was never seen again. Elvis’s grandmother tried to raise him as best she could but living in the slums with meager means and caring for her own two children still at home, life was difficult at best and she could not properly care for Elvis. In October 2008, Elvis came to his new home at Sanctuary of Hope #2.

Elvis is a quiet and reserved boy, but opens up around his peers. Through the love and support of his family, Elvis is encouraged to work hard and succeed. He is doing well in school and has a passion for math. Elvis is on the church drama team where he puts on skits for the congregation. Join us by sponsoring Elvis and help him reach his God-given potential.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Elvis: $40 per month

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Stacy M,
age 15

Stacy arrived at Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) in 2008 when she was five years old. Stacy’s mother left soon after she was born and was currently working as a prostitute. Stacy lived with

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several relatives and was currently living with an aunt who was mistreating her. Stacy was very quiet when she arrived at SoH, would not talk to anyone and would play by herself. Very soon after arriving, she opened up and adjusted very well to life with her new siblings. Today Stacy is quite the social butterfly and is growing up to be a lovely young lady! Her outgoing personality attracts many friends; and she and her friends will spend hours playing with dolls, playing dress-up and creating bracelets and necklaces with beads. Thanks be to God that Stacy now can be a normal little girl with a bright future! Join us in nurturing this social butterfly to be a force of change in her community.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Stacy M: $40 per month

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Esther N,
age 15

Esther’s mother passed away when she was three years old. So Esther and her brother moved in with her widowed grandmother. Her grandmother was also caring for her son’s children

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as well, because he had also died. During the post- election riots in 2008, the family home was burned in a fire. Overwhelmed by the many losses, Esther’s grandmother grew depressed and was unable to care for Esther. In October 2008, Esther came home to her new Sanctuary of Hope family.

Esther has grown into a confident and happy girl. She is a natural leader with her siblings and often coordinates activities for them to do together. It is quite typical for Esther to invite friends over to play; she loves socializing! She is doing well in her studies and enjoys her English class. Through the love and support of her family, Esther is encouraged to be herself and dream about her future. Join us by sponsoring Esther, and help her reach her God-given potential.

Sponsorship Opportunities for Esther N: $40 per month

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