Stacy W

Stacy was almost five when she arrived at Sanctuary of Hope. Her mother had passed away just months earlier, and she was desperately missing her. She was very sad and spoke of her

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mother often. Stacy had never been to church or heard Bible stories. Her family belonged to a cult that, among other things, believed girls should be married at a young age. Thankfully this was not to be Stacy’s future. Today, Stacy is a teenager who loves fashion. She is beautiful and confident and has many friends at school. She loves to spend her free time hanging out with them after school. Stacy is very bright and, when she focuses on her studies, she does well in school. She says she would like to be a lawyer when she grows up! With her sense of confidence and faith we believe Stacy has a bright future ahead. Join us in supporting Stacy’s dreams and aspirations.