Elvis’s mother disappeared from home for a few years, and when she returned with Elvis he was three months old. She spent the night with her mother and in the morning she had

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disappeared again, this time leaving Elvis behind. His mother was never seen again. Elvis’s grandmother tried to raise him as best she could but living in the slums with meager means and caring for her own two children still at home, life was difficult at best and she could not properly care for Elvis. In October 2008, Elvis came to his new home at Sanctuary of Hope #2.

Elvis is a quiet and reserved boy, but opens up around his peers. Through the love and support of his family, Elvis is encouraged to work hard and succeed. He is doing well in school and has a passion for math. Elvis is on the church drama team where he puts on skits for the congregation. Join us by sponsoring Elvis and help him reach his God-given potential.