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age 17

Tai’s mother became the second wife to a man who already had two children; but their father was rarely around. She provided for Tai and his two older brothers as best she could

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selling Soya cakes in the market place, which earned them a meager living. After 20 years of this grueling work the heavy bags had taken a toll and she began suffering severe back pain. It was no longer a way of life she could count on, and she knew she needed to find a way to ensure Tai was taken care of. She learned of Home of Hope (HoH) and asked to place Tai with the family. At eight years old, Tai, who hadn’t seen his father in more than a year, joined the HoH family. He immediately loved school and began to find a new sense of security and belonging. Today, Tai loves school! He is now in high school and is very hardworking and determined in his studies. His favorite subjects are technology and geography. In his free time Tai loves working with technology and loves working on the computer—this includes fixing the computer when it breaks down! Tai is very social and friendly and has an engaging personality.

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age 20

Toan’s mother became the second wife to a man who already had two children. Toan’s mother cared for he and his two brothers as best she could, but their father

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was rarely around and when Toan came to live at Home of Hope (HoH), he had not seen his father in over a year. Toan’s mother earned an income by selling Soya cakes; but after 20 years of carrying these heavy bags she was suffering severe back pain and knew that she would not be able to do the work much longer. Toan was eleven when he came to HoH. He was in the fifth grade and loved school, but was very behind due to lingering health issues he suffered from after developing acute kidney inflammation when he was younger. Today, Toan is finishing up high school and his grades are excellent!  Although he appears quiet and shy, Toan is very mature and he takes his role as older brother very seriously. Toan is a strong believer and is very involved in church activities. He is the youth group leader and loves leading the youth in worship and fellowship.

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age 21

Thang never knew his birth father. Thang’s mother left his alcoholic father before he was born. Thang and his mother moved to his elderly grandmother’s home. His

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grandmother suffered from a disease that left her unable to work. Thang’s mother worked far away earning meager wages, and she would leave Thang in his grandmother’s care for months at a time. As an only child, and with no other relatives to care for him, his mother worried that he would be left alone if his grandmother died. She learned of Hope’s Promise and requested her son be placed with the Home of Hope (HoH) family. Thang was excited to join the HoH family because he was eager to have siblings. Thang is now the eldest brother of nine boys! He certainly got the siblings he was hoping for. Thang is very independent and confident. He is excelling in school—specifically in math and physics. But Thang dreams of being a musician one day! He and his brothers spend hours playing instruments together, and he is currently teaching himself to play the guitar.

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age 21

Trung is the eldest of three siblings. His father passed away suddenly from a stroke in 2004. His mother worked but did not earn enough to provide for her three children. During the day,

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while his mother was at work, Trung and his siblings often did not have food and would beg food from their neighbors. When Trung joined the Home of Hope family in 2008 he was malnourished and in need of medical care, and he had just started the fourth grade. Trung said that he really enjoyed school because he had many friends there. Today, Trung is in high school. He still loves school, especially math and English. Trung really enjoys reading and writing poetry. Recently he was selected to represent the school’s English team at the district level competition! Trung has a strong relationship with his Heavenly Father. He loves to study the Bible, and received high marks for a Bible course he took part in during the summer.

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age 18

Yen’s mother separated from her first husband and left her children with her parents. Nine years later she met Yen’s father and became pregnant. Shortly after learning of the pregnancy,

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Yen’s father disappeared. Unable to care for Yen, once again she left him at his grandparents with his half siblings when he was one year old. Rarely visited or supported by his mother, Yen’s grandparents struggled to support their three grandchildren. Yen’s grandfather had lost his leg when he was solider and both grandparents are ill, which makes it difficult for them to work. Home of Hope 1 offered Yen the support, love and care that he needed. He came home in 2008.  Today, Yen is exuberant and full of life. He is a positive and joyful person to be around. He has a deep well of energy and this sometimes gets him into trouble in the classroom. Yen loves anything to do with technology and science. He spends his free time reading comics and adventure books and watching nature science shows on TV.

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age 15

When Chan was two years old, his mother died from complications during labor. Because of his love for his children, Chan’s father chose not to marry again (traditionally

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he would re-marry and move away from his children) and instead chose to parent his five children. As a farmer, he barely made enough for their survival. All the siblings, except Chan and his baby brother, worked as day laborers. Chan would normally also have to work except that his father sought the help of Hope’s Promise and chose to entrust Chan and his little brother into the care of the Home of Hope (HoH) family. Chan had struggled with school work, and in the third grade he was three years behind other students his age. Today, Chan is one of the top students in his class! He loves school and is excelling in biology and art. Sadly, Chan’s biological father passed away not long after Chan came home to HoH. His father’s immense compassion and love overflowed to Chan, and as a result Chan is an incredibly compassionate young man – especially with the poor and elderly.

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