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Kurt & Dani

Age: Kurt (34) and Dani (34)

Length of Marriage:10 years

Children: Ava (9), Noelle (6), Liv (4)

Employment:Kurt is an engineer for Boeing and Dani is a stay at home mom

Hobbies: Kurt: Weightlifting, biking, airplanes, swimming, snowboarding, pizza, time with friends, football (Broncos).  Dani: Reading, coffee with friends, baking, homeschooling, yoga, sewing and crafting, Sunday worship service, being outside.  Our Family: Vacationing to our Colorado cabin, playing cards and board games, sledding, hiking, movies, reading together, BBQing, roasting marshmallows, eating popcorn, sports (track, soccer, basketball, jump rope).  Music (singing and dancing) and playing music (we are learning guitar, ukulele, piano and drums).