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How is a child selected to be a part of this program?

To meet the requirements for being placed into a Hope’s Promise (HP) family, a child must be single-orphaned (one parent is deceased), double-orphaned (both parents are deceased), or abandoned by his/her birth parents. If a HP child has a living parent, the parent is typically unable to care for the child because of poverty, neglectful parenting, or illness. When a child is placed in a HP family, the birth parents or guardians relinquish them into HP’s care. The biological family may visit the child. However, they do not receive support from the ministry.

When I sponsor this child how is my gift being used?

Your sponsorship covers the child’s personal expenses which include food, medicine, clothing, education and extra-curricular activities such as music lessons, Tae Kwon Do, or summer camp. Also included in your sponsorship are the indirect expenses related to caring for the child (i.e. utilities for the home, small compensation for the house parents, transportation and additional household help if needed).

Does $40 cover the cost of caring for this child?

Because HP children are placed in families the full cost of caring for a child includes the cost of care and living expenses. Consequently, a $40 child sponsorship only covers a portion of the cost of care. However, child sponsors are welcome to provide the remaining sponsorship amount needed for a child who is not fully sponsored.

How long will this child live with their Hope’s Promise family?

Our homes are designed to be a family unit in which each child can grow and flourish until he or she is old enough and capable to live on his or her own. Children who wish to further their education may still need sponsorship through college. HP will notify you if your sponsored child wishes to continue his/her education after graduating high school and offer the opportunity for you to continue your sponsorship at that time.

How often can I communicate with my sponsored child?

You may email letters and photos as often as you like to HP Child Sponsorship Coordinator (Hannah Crouse at [email protected]) who will then send them to the in–country HP staff to give to your sponsored child. While the child is in HP’s care all contact between the child and the sponsor will be under the supervision of the HP Child Sponsorship Coordinator. This must be maintained for child safety and welfare purposes, as well as to meet cultural expectations.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

HP will deliver gifts and letters in person whenever someone is traveling to the country. We will notify you when a staff member is traveling to the country and give you the opportunity to send something to your sponsored child. Periodically, we may also offer the opportunity to include an extra $10-20 with your sponsorship amount. Your extra gift will be sent to the house parents to use as they feel best—to have a party or give a gift.

Can I ever meet my sponsored child?

You will be invited to join HP on a Connection Team (CT) to the country of your sponsored child when a trip is planned. CT’s are short term mission trips sponsored by HP. 

Please email [email protected] with any further questions.