Geoffrey’s mom passed away, leaving him when he was only two and a half years old. His grandmother took care of Geoffrey until he came home to SoH in 2006.

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Geoffrey arrived very malnourished and with a fungal infection and intestinal worms. Vividly impacted by life in the slums, he would often retell stories of the life he experienced. Geoffrey was impacted the first night he came home to SoH and led the family in prayer at dinner. Today Geoffrey is a quiet, laid back teenager who often gives one word responses to his parents. He loves soccer and music. He prefers to be outside on any given day and loves to ride his bike. Geoffrey is waiting to hear the outcome of his primary school exams which determine the high school he will attend. Through the support of his SoH family Geoffrey is developing into a fine young man. Join us by sponsoring Geoffrey and encourage him to reach his God-given potential.